Monday 25 June 2012

Me & I - Review and Opportunity

Me & i is a fantastic Swedish company offering bright and fun designs for children.  Their prints are relatively unisex and their items work well together to create unique and funky outfits.  Although they focus mainly on home parties, you can also find their lovely items on their website.

me and i, bright colourful children's clothes, circus t-shirtDylan was sent one of their circus T-shirts, and from the moment I opened the package I was in love.  The material is so soft and with plenty of stretch.  You can sense the quality without even touching them and I love how colourful it is.  I could immediately think of plenty of his trousers and shorts that would go perfectly and couldn't wait to get it on him.

He wore it to a Jubilee picnic we attended and I spent the day getting admiring comments and passing out the website details.  It really is better in real life than it looks in the photos!  Dylan is wearing the size
86/92 which I interpret as a 1-2 year, and it fitted him snugly (although he is rather on the large size for a 10 month old)  The trousers we have however are in the 6-12 month size and still have plenty of growing space.  

me and i, circus t shirt, trendy boy's clothes

me and i, sweatpants, jeggings, sweat pant jeans

Me & i were also kind enough to send a gift for myself, and I have their Slim Sweatpants.  They are a very stretchy running trouser type material, with the look of a skinny jean, and I love the way they are figure hugging and don't go saggy at the knees like jeans can but still look great with a nice top as normal day wear.    The colour is dark grey, which is one of my favourites to wear as it goes with most of my wardrobe.  

me and i for adults, comfy grey jeans
I am so impressed with both the style and quality of these items as well as previous items we have from this company, and their children's trousers easily accommodate a cloth nappy which is vital when we consider what to buy for the little dude. 

They are looking for more representatives to run parties and I think this would be a fab opportunity for a mum who is looking to make a bit of extra money.  The parties give parents a chance to shop without having to drag a child through the town (I think we all know how good babies are at ruining a good shopping trip).  Becoming a representative could not be easier.  You can either hire out the entire collection for just £100 a season, or buy it all for £500 - That is over £1,500 worth of clothes you are getting, so you can  sell them on later (or keeping them all yourself)!

There are currently no representatives in my home county, Kent so there is a great market for parties, and if you are willing to travel to my corner then I would love to have one here.  We just need an organiser.  If you do decide that this is something you are interested in, no matter where in the country you live, you can get a free top either for yourself or a child if you become a representative and mention that Bex at Mummy Adventure sent you!

Disclaimer: I was sent a T-shirt and the trousers for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.

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