Monday 11 June 2012

Baba and Boo - Review

In less than two weeks, I will be joining hundreds of other parent bloggers at Britmums Live.  I am lucky enough to be sponsored by a fantastic British company -  Baba and Boo is a reusable nappy company selling beautiful yet affordable pocket nappies.  They sent me one to review, and I am pleased to say I am converted.

After an initial disappointment with cheap pocket nappies, I swore never to trust them and have since been using Tots Bots easyfits boosted and prefolds with covers.  We have found what works for us and have been happy like this.  Nevertheless I was excited to try the Baba and Boo nappy which comes with two inserts, one for a light wetter, or if you change the baby's nappy very often and two to last longer. 

My first impression was that the sizing was perfect for him.  The nappies are one size fits most, and I am pleased to say Dylan fitted well with plenty of growing space.  We have found some osfm nappies come up quite small and I do not see them fitting him past a year but these definitely feel like they will last the stretch.  They also popper down lovely and small and should fit a newborn from 8lb.

I stuffed the nappies with both of the inserts as soon as we received it and popped it straight on.  3 hours later when I came to change it, there were no leaks.  Cloth nappies build up absorbency the more they are washed so I was rather impressed that it did so well already.  

baba and boo, cloth nappies, orange cloth nappy

I have to admit that we have not tried it with only the one insert, as I know my son is a heavy wetter, and I like to know a nappy will not leak.   It has been one of the first I reach for after a wash though and we have not had a single problem so far, with it regularly going 3-4 hours without a change.  

baba and boo, cloth nappies, funky colour cloth nappy

Pocket nappies are ideal for beginners as they come with everything you need.  The fleece inside keeps babies bum dry.  Baba and Boo do a fantastic trial offer for those new to cloth, which means that you can change your mind within the first 2 months and get 70% of your money back.  I can't see how you wouldn't get on with these lovely nappies though!  At only £9.25 each they are much cheaper than their competitors and they have a 10 nappy starter kit with bucket and wet bag for under £100!

If you are looking for some extra reading, don't forget to check out their blog - It has a guest post from yours truly.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a Baba and Boo nappy for the purpose of this review.  I have also received financial sponsorship from Baba and Boo towards the cost of my attending a blogging conference. 


  1. I like my Babba and Boo nappies too! I always use both inserts and always popper the lower one do that there's that bit extra under the willy! But have never had a leak with them and realised the other day that I'd left one on for about 4.5 hours! Very impressed :)

  2. These look amazing, my 9 month old would love these. Nice to hear an honest opinion!!

  3. what age does these nappies last till as my baby is coming up to 8 months and big for her age


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