Thursday 14 June 2012

Homemade Father's Day Idea

Father's day is just round the corner and if, like me you have left shopping for a father's day present to the last minute, here is a simple idea for a thoughtful gift.  Something personal that is not too  difficult to make (I managed it!) but should put a big smile on Daddy's face.

First thing is first and you need 3 pieces of cardboard in whatever colours you choose.  We went for green and red glittery as I thought they would look great.  Using as much of the A4 piece of card as you can, cut out the letters D, A and Y.

The next bit is the simplest, and the most fun, although I would advise that 10 months is the wrong age to try it - a younger or older child may be slightly easier!  You need to take a picture of the child with each of the letters, and 3 pictures using the letter D.  I think it looks great if each picture is a little different, but it is up to you quite how different you want it.  

homemade fathers day gift
Not so easy when they just want to wave them around.

Once you have your lovely photos,a quick pop to the town is necessary as you need to print them off, and get a photo frame that holds 5 photos.  I have found this one 

Insert them all in and Voila. . . Your lovely father's day present!  Unique and homemade, and hopefully with a few more smiles than mine.  (I maintain a 10 month old is difficult.)

father's day present from baby. father's day, daddy pictures

If you decide to try this at home then let me know how you get on!  Only 3 days left until father's day now!


  1. That is fab! Might just give it a go!

  2. great idea! Wished Harry was better then i would of given it a go. x

  3. Cute! We did hand and foot painting, was VERY messy- wish we had seen this first!

  4. What a lovely idea! He's sooo cute - loving his socks :)

  5. this is a great idea and something I can do with both children combined while daddy is at work tomorrow and pick up frame and print off pictures while in ramsgate saturday and hey presto all ready for Sunday, fab idea Becky xx

  6. Love this! I may put a none-too-subtle link to it on my Facebook page in the hope that Mrs L notices... ;-)

    1. Cam is just the right age too, not yet into waving everything wildly around!

  7. Such a simple but lovely idea! We might just have to do this!x

  8. This is so lovely! Go D! xx

  9. I love this! Hope I have time to do it! Bob is 12 months so think she'll be tricky too. Thanks for the fab idea!


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