Wednesday 18 April 2012

Frankie & Benny's Review

 Frankie and Benny's has always been a bit hit and miss in the past in terms of food and service, but it has been consistently improving and when we visited for the purpose of reviewing their new menu, I am delighted to say that we had a great experience.

We started with the garlic bread topped with goat's cheese and red onion, one of my favourite's and although a little undercooked for my liking, still divine as most goat's cheese based foods usually are.  We also had the calamari as Frankie and Benny's is the only chain restaurant where I find they get it spot on.  Not too chewy and tough, but lovely and flavoursome and served with a dip that complimented it beautifully. 

For main course I tried the F&B New York chicken, which is a chicken breast topped with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce.  It was well cooked and not dry at all, served as a very large meal with fries, coleslaw and corn on the cob.  I was very impressed.  The bloke decided to follow the waiter's recommendations and ordered the 16oz rump steak.  This seemed rather ambitious considering he had already helped devour two starters, but he insisted that man must have meat.  He was very impressed that it conformed to his idea of medium-rare and he managed to get through a large amount of it.

frankie and Benny's, dinner,
Our Meals at Frankie and Benny's

We ordered off the children's menu for Dylan, and they have an option for smaller children at the bargain price of only £3.95 for a main meal, healthy side, drink and  desert!  He had sausage mash and beans with mixed veggies and it went down well.  Down his bib, down his trousers, down the highchair. . . He seemed to enjoy it, and although it was rather big for him (he is only 8 months old) he got through a fair bit.

For desert I had the tiramisu which was creamy and delightful while the bloke tried something off of the new sundae menu.  His desert consisted of ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, honeycomb and all manner of yumminess and he refused to admit defeat, polishing it off in record time.  

We came away twice the size we went in, but it was a very enjoyable experience.  The waiter was polite, helpful and friendly, the food hot, prompt and delicious and the atmosphere light and happy.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a voucher for Frankie and Benny's for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed however are my own

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  1. I'm very jealous of this meal! Next voucher I shot gun going too! sounds like you had a fab time!


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