Friday 20 April 2012

Munchkin Weaning Products Review

We were sent three products to try out and review from Munchkin from their weaning range;

The Spoons

Dylan had a great time finding out the many uses for the Munchkin weaning spoons;

They make great drumsticks on a petit filous drum.  A rather satisfying noise emits, and if you hit the drums hard enough then the remaining yoghurt flies across the room, coating something important in dairy goodness.  The drumstick always remains firmly in hand

Great teethers for those hard to reach spots.  The rubbery texture on parts of the handle appears to be very satisfying for those orally challenged.

They also work well as dummys, although if you suck them too hard they do hit the back of your mouth and cause a rather unpleasant feeling.  Always worth a go though.

They make for a great game of how many times will mummy pick these up before she gives in and leaves it on the floor.  We all know that throwing things off a high chair is tremendous fun!

And lastly, they are actually pretty handy for transffering runny or slippery textures foods into the mouth.  They prevent it from going everywhere and are just the right shape and size to fit in your mouth!

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Dylan reviewing the Munchkin Weaning Spoons
Dylan wasn't the only one impressed, the spoons were lovely and long, perfect for scraping the bottom of jars and may be utilised for mayonnaise jars in the future.  They are brightly coloured, and don't seem to fade like some of our other spoons do.

RRP only £2.79!

The Snack Tower

This ingenious tower consists of five chambers each of which can hold 5 scoops of formula milk, or a few little snacks.  Great to have on the side, or take a couple of pots in the nappy bag, we have breadsticks, biscotti and organix crisps in ours.  It is easy to use, and has colourful clips on the front and a handle on top, so when Dylan is a little older he can carry it around.

It is the perfect shape to slot down the side of a bag, pop into a cupboard or have freestanding, and we find it really useful.

RRP £3.49

The Snack Catcher

I, like many mothers have a child who finds it endlessly fascinating to throw objects on the floor just to see what happens.  If someone happens to pick it up for him then brilliant, he gets another chance to lob it somewhere.  The snack catcher means you can give your child the independance of feeding themselves without the worry that they will throw all of their food on the floor.  Well not straight away anyway.  Shaped like a beaker with handles it has a spiral flap style top that lets wriggly fingers get in but stops yummy snacks falling out.

The snack catcher looks perfect for children from about 9 months upwards and has a handy space to write their name on the bottom.  It might be just the thing to keep the car/ carpet /buggy clean, and the bright colours make it all the more appealing

RRP £7.99
munchkin weaning products
Munchkin weaning range

We loved all the products as they were bright and colourful and designed to make life easier - everything you need as a parent! We also thought that they were all fantastic value compared to others on the market as they are just a little bit fab.

Disclaimer:  We were sent these products for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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  1. Aw your cute little tester! We have these spoons but I think Josh struggle as they are really long, he prefers the shorter spoons. x x


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