Sunday 15 April 2012

Real Nappy Week 2012

I would like to introduce. . . . . The Bloke, doing a guest post on the blog  about Cloth nappies for Real Nappy Week 2012. 

As it is Real Nappy Week, I have a few things to say.

Real nappies work much better than imaginary nappies.  We have tried imaginary nappies once or twice.  They smell better than real nappies but they leak quite a lot.  Definitely not the best option to use overnight.

As with many (but not all) dads, nappies have been forced in to my life.  My relationship with nappies is a bit love/hate.  I do hate nappies.  But I couldn't live without them.  Since having a baby, The Mrs has decided to swap her girly obsession of buying new handbags and shoes, and replaced it with an insatiable addiction to cloth nappies.

The idea was first put to me as a 'save the world' thing.  Which it kind of is.  I have noticed that our bins need emptying a little less often since the big switch over.

Also as a money saving idea.  Why have an additional weekly expense of nappies when you can pay a little money up front and save loads of money over the next few years.  OK, so now I'm swayed.  Lets get some.

So we purchased some pretty looking nappies.  Nice funky designs.  And of course very soft and fluffy.  Very similar to many of her handbags, scarves and other miscellaneous piles of clothing she hoards.

At first (much like any addiction), it started with "Oh this one is so pretty.  Can we buy this one?  The Boy NEEDS this one.  Pleeeeeeease?"  So the cost effectiveness was reduced a little.  But the variety and The Mrs' apparent happiness has increased significantly.  £20 for a happy relationship is a cost I am prepared to pay.

However, now several months into her addiction, we have a collection.  We have all sorts.  We have TotsBots Easy fits, custom designs from, Close Parent Pop In, TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch and Flexi Wraps and a whole world of nappy brands I couldn't possibly name them all.  They have Velcro, they have poppers, they have build in bits, removable bits, washable bits, and all kinds of extravagant designs and fluffy technologies that make the bum happy, but the mind boggle.
cloth nappies, cloth diapers, wee notions, tots bots, close parent pop-in
A small number from our giant collection

The use of the nappies is about as pleasant as any nappy.  They still contain the same vital ingredients.  They still require changing just as often.  It's true that you do need to get rid of the gooey brown centre.  One benefit is that once you have disposed of the brown nugget, or chocolate mash, or whatever variety your offspring may produce, it doesnt sit around in your bin stinking out the house.  And it will work out cheaper... It will.  It definitely will... one day... I hope... If we don't buy any more... OK it may not work out cheaper at all.

One other highly noticeable thing that I have got over these months, is a lot of nappy love coming from me.  It crept in reluctantly.  It sneaked past my logic, my wallet, and found a home in some bizarre part of my heart.  I realised just how far in a few months ago when we all trotted off to The Baby Show in London.  I found myself surrounded by stalls all showcasing various fluffy cloth nappies, most of which are very familiar to me.  I ran around enthusiastically looking at all of the nappies, judging them all and comparing them to my favourites (TotsBots East Fits) and deciding which ones to buy.

The Boy still hasnt started crawling.  I put this down to one thing.  Sitting on his bum is too comfortable.  Why would you crawl around on your knees when your bum is so comfy.  I guess its a bit like being a couch potato but for babies.  And similarly he is piling on the pounds, chubbing out from his belly to his finger tips.

So clearly The Boy is very fond of them.  His world truly is a happier place to pee in.  And I do sometimes wonder if I am missing out.  But although adult nappies do exist, they do not come in such an array of wonderful styles.

Now you might think that my enthusiasm towards nappies is so great that you can picture me sat at home all day changing The Boys bum at every opportunity.  Since you dont know any better, lets say that this wonderful notion is the fairly tale it pretends to be.  After all, I'm a dad that loves cloth nappies.  It makes sense.

If you have written a blog post for RNW12, or there is a favourite one you would like to link up, go ahead! Please comment on this one and I will come and view yours too.


  1. I love the giraffe print one!

    Great post, made me laugh:)

    1. Thanks for the comment, he loved writing it so much he has started his own blog now!

  2. Such a funny post! I'll link up later in the week. I'm getting some serious cloth nappy envy looking at that photo!

    1. Thanks, looking forward to reading yours. I think RNW might be an excuse to invest in some more pretty fluff as well!

  3. You may find that whilst she is busy buying nappies she's not spending it on prams and slings - and nappies are much cheaper than new prams at over £500 each.

    Great post.

  4. I thought I was bad insisting on getting different patterned nappy wraps posted to me rather than just picking up all the same pattern in the local shop. Now I see I am just an amateur!

    1. There is too much choice and we *need* them all!

  5. Well Done The Bloke! Great article - I'm not the least bit interested in cloth nappies or any other kind for that matter now that we have successfully toilet trained the little monster, but oh how I loved to read this post! And I see he has set himself up a blog too - well done that man - if you can;t beat em, join em I say!

  6. Cloth is fab! I love reading how other people get on with it.

    Did you know, you can buy unbranded nappies from a seller called The Yellow Bloom on eBay and they are the best nappies I've ever used. They are about £4/nappy, might be worth mentioning that to your mrs :)

  7. Those really look cool, thank you very much for sharing them.

  8. Those cloth nappies you guys got really does look funky. But I don't think any child would mind it. One thing I'll say about cloth nappy is that they're fine as long as you are prepared to keep washing it every so often.

  9. Great post. Interesting to see the 'bloke' opinion. Especially as I've recently had to convince my 'bloke' on the merits of cloth nappies. Wish I'd seen this blog earlier - I might've had an easier time in convincing him!

  10. Thanks for linking with #ClothBumBlogs for Real Nappy Week 2013!
    Great lighthearted post and a rarely aired Dad's view. It may not make them change them more often but they will manage them and it won't be any less ;)) xx

  11. Fab post - love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x

  12. Although I did like it when they were cheaper, honest diapers are still my favorite. My 3rd child is now in these & out of 3 kids never have these leaked!!! And I love the orgainc material that just makes it better to use them!!


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