Wednesday 14 March 2012

Why I couldn't be a midwife

After much careful deliberation, I have decided that midwifery could never be the career from me.  After watching a lot of One Born Every Minute, I have decided my favourite part of the job is the cups of tea and biscuits that seem common in the staff room.  I am in awe of real life midwifes, but it is not the job for me, and here is why;

1)  I would be an emotional wreck.
 I cry at every single episode of OBEM- I cannot imagaine how I would be in real life.  Babies have a way of turning to me into mush, which has only got worse since having one.

2) I don't do bodily fluids.
One of the midwifes on OBEM says she can get blood in her hair, and has people being sick in her face.  I can't deal with my own sick, so I cannot imagine willingly going into a situation where I am risking other people's on a daily basis.

3) I am too judgemental.  My labour was very easy, and not particularly long.  I didn't find it anywhere near as painful as I had percieved it would be.  I understand that everyone is very different, and as well as having different pain thresholds, each labour is different, but if I had someone screaming at me, I wouldn't be able to resist thinking 'It's not THAT bad'.  I am pretty sure my next labour will be horrendous now

4) The ability to bite your tongue.  Some pregnant women are not that nice to midwifes, and I think they get called all the names under the sun.  I can't guarantee how well I will be able to refrain from retaliating.

Well there are four reason's why I could not be a midwife.  I am so glad that some people do follow this path though, as the midwifes I had in hospital were absolutely fantastic, and I could not praise them more.  It is a wonderful and vital job, and they are not appreciated enough,(or paid enough!(

If there are any midwifes or trainee midwifes reading this then I would love to know why you made the decision to become a midwife.


  1. After I had my boys, I so wanted to be a midwife - just because I loved the idea of working with babies.
    But now I'm starting to agree with you. Too many bodily fluids. And I'm not calm in a crisis.
    Think working in a nursery would satisfy my need to be around little ones.

    1. I love babies, I think being a newborn photographer would be great, getting to appreciate how lovely they are, while their parents are there to clean them up. Only problem is that I am not too great with the camera! Glad I am not the only one who is afraid of the fluids!


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