Thursday 15 March 2012

What was top of the pops the day your child was born?

On the day Dylan was born the last thing on my mind was what was top of the pops.  In fact, since I turned 13 I haven't been too interested in it.  Rock music is more my thing, and although I enjoy how catchy some of the pop music is, I am definitely not in touch with the charts.

The number one was in fact JLS (feat Dev) She Make me Wanna.
JLS she make me wanna 

In fact I do know this song, and it's not too bad for a dance around the living room, but
I was happy to see that  Ed Sheeran was in the top 5 with A-Team, which is a song I much prefer.
Ed Sheeran The A team 

Dylan was born into a world of manufactured pop music and talent shows, which is not altogether a bad thing.  They have produced some talented stars, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Kelly Clarkson and of course One Direction (  :/  ) The auditions also make great TV! 

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  1. My little 'un was born last April when 'Party rock anthem' by LMFAO was number 1. It felt very wrong writing that in his beautiful pastel coloured baby book...

    Lovely blog x

    1. Have to admit I have never heard of that!I might try and time the next baby so there is a good song at number 1!

  2. I am rubbish at remembering song titles and groups. I don't think I am very 'hip' either! I had to check what was number 1 for when both of mine were born.

    1. I did have to google it, but at least I know now!

  3. Thanks for taking part honey. JLS eh? Very pretty to look at, but their music doesn't do it for me.
    Not that my kids were born to anything cool. Gnarls Barclay and Pink. No anthems.
    My husband was born when Louis Armstrong's A Wonderful World was topping the charts. Classics like that are hard to beat.

    1. Michael Jackson 'I just can't stop loving you' was number one when I was born- much better! Kids today have no hope of beating the classics


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