Thursday 28 February 2013

Melba Maternity Pyjamas Review

The two weeks after giving birth are far from my most glamorous.  My tummy still needs to shrink back to it's normal size and I have no hope of the thousands of stretch marks I have accumulated disappearing any time soon.  Showers are rushed as the little man seems to have a sixth sense and be desperate for some milk as soon as I get in, and having two under two doesn't give me a lot of time to look after myself!

One of the great pleasures therefore has been my new Melba Maternity pyjamas   As I was in and out of the MLU so fast with the birth I never got to wear them in hospital so they were kept for my first night as a mother of two.  As soon as I knew no more visitors were coming, I changed straight into them and it felt great!  There is nothing like the feeling of fresh PJs, especially when you are exhausted and need some TLC!

I love the melba vest as it is perfect for breastfeeding and when unclipped the vest exposes the whole breast making it easy to help a newborn latch.  The trousers are loose and comfortable and the dressing gown can still be worn for feeding too as it is cut wide at the top.  I couldn't have put together a better after baby outfit and have to admit to getting changed as soon as the last visitors have left every day - sometimes before!

Navy Breastfeeding Camisole

I think comfort is definitely something worth investing in post baby and these pyjamas are perfect for breastfeeding mums.  Not only do they feel great, they look great too which is what I need after the sleepless nights!

Disclaimer:   I was provided with these items for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Sunday 24 February 2013

One Week In

We have now been a family of four for one whole week.  

A week of welcoming our new arrival, spending every spare minute watching him sleep, stroking his beautifully soft skin, checking his ten tiny fingers and toes and wondering how we got to be so lucky to have two gorgeous little boys.

A week of learning the logistics of getting out the house with two, getting them both up, fed and dressed in the morning before we go out, and a week of practice with a double pushchair - steering it round shops, putting it up and down and watching the admiring glances.
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Friday 22 February 2013

Squish's Birth Story

Baby Squish was due on the 20th February, and despite Dylan arriving early I was convinced that this little guy would be late.  I decided therefore to work right up until my due date and went to work on February 16th for my last shift.  Waitressing is physically demanding but I didn't feel like the birth was going to happen any time soon so after finishing  my day I decided to walk the three miles home rather than catch a bus.  I stopped off  at the park on the way back to meet the bloke and Dylan and after a play we all went home for tea and bedtime.   I had no idea  that the next time I saw the little guy he would be a big brother!

The bloke went out for his friend's birthday with a warning that my due date wasn't far away and that he couldn't get too drunk!  As the night went on I started to feel some tightenings but they weren't painful so I presumed it was just braxton hicks.  Just after midnight I decided to go to bed but once I lay down I realised that  the tightenings were getting uncomfortable and sleep was not going to come easily.  The bloke got home after a little while and I told him what was going on, but I still was not convinced that this was labour.

Around half one I decided that this may indeed be the real thing as I was still wide awake lying in bed and things were starting to get painful but I decided rest was the best thing so got out my book.  I had my Labouraide ready and started using the early labour mouth piece when the contractions started.  It was great to have something to bite down on and I think it helped.  By half three I had decided I was almost definitely in labour and started timing contractions.  I found that they weren't consistent with anywhere between 3 and 6 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from 40-60 seconds but they were definitely painful!  I woke up the bloke and we decided that I should ring the Midwife Led Unit to see what they said.  Halfway through the phone call I had to stop talking to have a contraction and the midwife told me to come in to be checked out.

My worst nightmare for labour was getting to the hospital to be told it was not real labour or that I was only one centimetre dilated so I decided to ring a taxi for myself and leave the bloke at home as I didn't want to wake my mum up in the middle of the night for nothing and someone had to stay with Dylan.  

My relaxing room

I arrived at the MLU around half past four and was taken to one of the lovely big rooms by the same midwife that showed me round a few days earlier.  She took my blood pressure, checked babies heartbeat and felt my tummy as I had a contraction.  Her reaction was that they were particularly strong contractions and if they kept up like that then it wouldn't be a long labour.  On examination I was 5cm so I rang my mum and the bloke and organised the changeover.  I had bought my hospital bag along with me but left the baby's at home as I didn't want to tempt fate so I told the bloke to bring it along.

The bloke arrived around half past five and at this point I decided that bouncing on the ball was not enough and I started on the wonderful stuff that is entonox.  It still didn't feel like my contractions were regular and baby still had to descend a bit furthur so I was sure that I had a long time left.  The midwives were lovely and I had a student in with me most of the time who told me that my contractions were still very strong and that she hoped the baby would come before her shift was up.  

At half past six I thought I would check that we had everything but upon asking the bloke for the baby's bag, he let me know that he had forgotten it!  This meant no nappies, no newborn clothes and blankets . . . nothing! We rang my mum but as Dylan was still fast asleep she sent it over in a taxi for us!

At 7am I decided I was really struggling.  I felt like I had only just caught my breath from the last contraction when the next one started.  I had been told to put off the birthing pool for as long as I could as getting in too early could slow the labour down but the midwives thought I was ready and they ran the water for me.  I got in to the pool - entonox still in hand and felt a slight relief on the next contraction thanks to the warmth of the water on my back.

The second contraction in the pool was strong and I felt a pop that let me know my waters had gone.  With the pop I felt a desire to push, but scared that I wasn't ready yet,  felt myself shutting my legs!  With my first pregnancy I had been stuck on the bed and monitored throughout so the sense of freedom and the relaxation at the midwife unit was lovely.  When I told them I wanted to push they told me to just follow my body.  No examinations to check I was ready and no help.  With three pushes my little baby Squish entered the world.  The cord was wrapped around his neck but as he was pulled from the water he started crying before it was even taken off.  He came straight onto my chest and I couldn't believe how perfectly it had all gone and how beautiful my baby son was.

We sat in the pool having a skin to skin cuddle as the midwives waited for the cord to finish pulsating and then the bloke got to cut it.  Squish and I went for a cuddle on the bed and to wait for the placenta to be delivered naturally.

The whole labour was so smooth and fast and I was proud of myself for doing it again with gas and air.   The midwives were really helpful and supportive but not interfering and I felt like I got the birth I always wanted. Squish was born at 7:36am weighing 8lb 5oz but he seems so much smaller than his big brother was! We didn't have a name ready for him and nothing on our lists fitted so he left hospital as Squish.  We were discharged at midday after less than 5 hours as there were no complications and they had had to close the hospital for births soon after I arrived as both the MLU and the labour ward were full!

Swamped in a newborn snowsuit

3 days later, on his official due date we finally had the perfect name.  I had never even considered it until I was in labour and then it came into my head, but it took us a few days to make sure that it was as perfect as he was.

One hour old- Baby Archie

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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Our New Arrival

Squish, newborn baby boy, newborn baby, two hours old baby, new baby announcement

Our family of three is now four thanks to our beautiful new arrival.  Baby Squish arrived three days early on February 17th 2013 at 7:36am weighing 8lb 5oz.  Mummy and Daddy are totally besotted and Dylan has lots of kisses for his 'Bubba'.

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Friday 15 February 2013

Ruby and Ginger Nappy Purse Review

It won't be long until I need something close to a suitcase to take out every thing I need for my two children so until little Squish arrives I am making the most of not needing too much and travelling relatively hands free.

Ruby and Ginger have sent me one of their gorgeous nappy purses and it has been so refreshing to just pop it in my handbag or under the buggy and skip the big bag!  It easily fits in three nappies, a little pack of wipes (and it comes with a wipe case too), a bib, a spoon and a snack.  There is also a mini pocket in the back which I have put teething powder and calpol sachets in as we are getting through them at quite a rate now!  This is everything I need for a morning or afternoon out and stored in a beautiful little bag too!

Nappy Purse - compact baby changing bag
I love the style and convenience and find it the perfect size for my toddler.  I think when the new baby arrives it will still get plenty of use as I will have two different sized nappies in the bag and this will be a great way to keep Dylan's bits seperate to Squishes.

We are really impressed with the nappy purse and it is such a simple idea!  The handle means it can be easily popped on the pram and it is dirt and water resistant - exactly what you need with a grubby toddler around! It comes in three gorgeous designs too.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a nappy purse for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The Waiting Game

This is officially the most pregnant I have ever been.  Dylan arrived at 38 weeks without any intervention and I had been so busy in the weeks leading up to his birth that I never took the chance to take that last pregnant photo or go on a last date night.  I was expecting my first baby to be late as you are so often told they will be, but was very happy to see him arrive early considering he was a healthy 8lb10oz.

I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with baby Squish and I am starting to see why people are not a fan of the last few weeks.  It feels like a waiting game now, and every morning the bloke is begging for labour to start as he is desperate to start his paternity leave!  Every night I go to bed wondering if this is the last night I will be sleeping on my left side with pillows wedged all around me.

The aches and pains are starting to become more constant and my nightly bath is a welcome relief after a day of activities with an energetic toddler.  Squish's room may not be ready but the important bits are done and his moses basket sheets are washed and ready.  My hospital bags are packed and the car seat is ready to bring home our new little man.  My mum is waiting for the call to come and collect Dylan and the bloke is keeping an eye on his phone for the message that he needs to come home from work and get to the hospital.

It is a waiting game, and I fear I may get a bit impatient!

Due date is still a few days away but as Dylan was early, I am constantly met with surprise when we go out that I don't have my new baby boy with me.  The texts have started arriving checking for news of the new arrival and there is only so many times you can reply no without wondering when the day will come.

I am still loving pregnancy and aches aside, I think there is nothing more exciting than a growing bump.  I know how much I will miss my bowling-ball tummy and the feeling of the little guy kicking and wriggling away.  I know I will miss the looks and comments as I parade my huge bump around. The pains are nothing I can't cope with and Dylan and I are still enjoying a similar life style to before, as I refuse to spend all day on the sofa. (I also don't think he would let me get away with it somehow!)

But it is a waiting game now.  In the next three weeks I will definitely meet the fourth member of our family - hopefully much sooner than that but for now I am trying to make the most of every last minute with my gorgeous little boy before he becomes my gorgeous big boy!
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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Our last date night -Chiquitos

With the little man due any day now, the bloke and I have managed to fit in a final date night.  Chiquito's invited us to try their new menu and it could not have come at a better time! Dylan was put to bed and Grandma was left in charge, and the bloke and I got to enjoy some quality time together!

Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to be a little greedy and I must say our order was optomistic! There were so many things I wanted to try as well as the favourites I already have, so we went for a mixture.  I love the fact you are greeted with popcorn when you sit down as it makes taking your time with the menu that bit easier.  We ended up going for a hot cheese starter that sounded like heaven as well as the nachos which I already know to be highly addictive.

Hot cheese was exactly what it sounds like and was quickly devoured (mostly by me) lathered on tortilla chips.  Both starters are very good sizes but of course there was more to come.  For my main I had the classic chicken fajita (can't go wrong), whilst the bloke had a pulled pork Burrito on the waiter's recommendation.  We had some chips, sweet potato fries and onion rings to accompany it and our large table was full with food!

The fajitas were delicious and although the portion seemed a bit smaller than the old size was still more than enough and very generous.  The burrito looked delicious and the bloke managed to wolf it down.  He loved the flavours but would have liked more meat and less rice in there.  Sweet potato is one of my favourites and I would highly recommend the sweet potato fries - absolute perfection with a side of sour cream for dunking!

Of course it would be rude not to finish up with a desert and being a bottomless pit I devoured a gorgeous slice of honeycomb cheesecake - definitely worth keeping space for! The bloke at this point was feeling a little defeated and went for some ice cream as it wasn't too heavy.  There was a good choice of flavours and it came in a lovely cinnamon basket winning points on presentation and taste!

We really enjoyed our meal - the food was delicious and not having grubby toddler hands trying to steal the best bits was a bonus!  We need to go back with the little dude soon so he can try out the new children's menu, although if we order this much next time I am sure we can find a few bits to share with him!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a voucher for Chiquitos for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own though.
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Tuesday 12 February 2013

Trendy Toddler

Dylan is no longer a baby and with a little squish due any day now I know this is a fact that is about to be confirmed.  Sleepsuits are no longer a valid option (although we are holding onto a couple as he looks so cute in them) and he sleeps warm and cosy in proper pajamas like a big boy.

Dungarees are not made in his size, probably due to potty training so they are out the question and as he is now well and truly in the toddler range in every shop he is looking every bit the little boy! 

Unfortunately part of the parcel of being a fully fledged child rather than little baby is that he is not great at staying still, and photographing him is becoming increasingly difficult.  Mothercare sent us some lovely tops in the lead up to valentines day though and so I have tried my hardest!  As he is too young for dating, I get to be the one appreciating his gorgeous blue eyes and special sloppy kisses and so it is only fitting that he wears an I heart my mum slogan!

Making mummy a masterpiece

complete with the cheekiest smile!

Go, go, go mummy!

All three tops are in age 2-3 years and all are a nice snug fit on my growing boy!  I love the quality and design of Mothercare clothes and they last so well that you may see a certain Mr Squish wearing these same tops in the not too distant future!

Disclaimer:  I was sent three tops for Dylan from Mothercare for valentines day but all thoughts and opinion as well as photographs are of course my own.

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Monday 11 February 2013

38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks and I am officially more pregnant than I have ever been! This post is also a few days late so due date is getting even closer! Here is what I hope to be my last bump shot, although who knows, I may be back with week 40!

On the Inside

After 37 weeks of health and happiness, the tiredness is really kicking in and if I don't have a quiet sit down and put my feet up during Dylan's nap time then I really know about it by his bed time! Saying that I have not been particularly sensible and have been carrying on with my normal active lifestyle.  I worked a 9 hour shift on my feet this weekend waitressing and much to the bloke's dismay this did not start off labour!

I am getting a lot of aches and pains low down, probably due to Squish having been engaged for the last 4 weeks.  I am finding a bath before bed makes me feel so much better though, although sleep is not easy and I wake up so many times in the night for no reason.  My bladder is still coping and I don't need to get out of bed in the night, but I wake up uncomfortable and restless.

I saw my midwife this week who confirmed that my blood tests were all fine and that I should head to the Midwife Led Unit when labour starts.  All seems well and he said he would be suprised if I made it to my 40 week appointment.  I had a tour today of the MLU and it looks lovely and relaxing in there so I am getting quite excited about the birth! (Is this normal?)

On the Outside

Bump is big.

Bump is very big and very round - most of my maternity tops are no longer covering my tummy so it is all about long long tops and dresses now to keep me warm.  I have turned to some floaty summer beach dresses I bought in my previous pregnancy and am teaming them with leggings and cardigans as they are so comfy.  Unfortunately my maternity coat no longer does up round my tummy so it is all about thick scarfs hanging down.

Stretch marks are rapidly increasing and no cream seems to be slowing them down although I keep applying them to keep bump soft and smooth.  I do look like I am smuggling a beach ball under my clothes although I am nowhere near as big as I was with Dylan.  

I am feeling much more ready now as Squish's room is carpeted and furnished and I have started putting some of his teeny tiny clothes away.  The crib sheets are in the washing machine as I type and my hospital bags are packed .  The bloke is desperate to have this week off work as he is on early morning starts so I am convinced Squish will wait until the weekend to arrive - you know what their timing is like!  

The end is now in sight and I am going to miss pregnancy so much but the excitement that I will soon meet the little man I have been growing for nine months is huge! It is all a waiting game now although I have had no signs that labour is imminent - watch this space for a 40 weeks pregnant post or a birth announcement sometime soon! 
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Saturday 9 February 2013

My Hospital Bag

I have already posted about what I have packed for baby, so I thought I would share what I have packed in my bag as well.  Last time round I was in hospital for 24 hours after giving birth and this time I am hoping to have Squish in the midwife led unit where they like to have you out within 12. I like to be prepared though so my hospital bag has all the essentials for an overnight stay.

I have packed:


These come first on the list as they are by far the most important thing I will need!  I have given it a lot of thought and gone for chocolate chip cookies as even if it is really warm in the room they will still taste delicious and not melt too much

Maternity Notes

After a slight panic last week when I couldn't find them, they are now firmly tucked in my hospital bag so the midwives can see how my pregnancy has progressed.


I am hoping for a water birth so have a bikini packed ready!

New PJs

I don't think I understood quite how I would feel after birth last time so this time I have a gorgeous pair of Melba maternity pajamas to help me feel clean and relaxed after the birth.  They are specially designed for breastfeeding and I have the matching dressing gown too so pretty sure I will be the best dressed on the ward!

Nursing Nightie

I have been sent this lovely nursing nightie and have it ready for labour as I don't think I will be in the pool the whole time and I can't guarantee there will be one available.  It is lovely and loose even with my huge bump and much softer than a hospital gown!  It also is designed for breastfeeding so would be great on the ward afterwards.


I am definitely a slipper kind of girl and it was choosing which one of my 5 pairs to pack that was an issue! I love having cosy feet and this is my big home comfort.

I am really interested to try this natural pain relief method, it basically looks like a gum shield, but the idea is that biting on it stops your jaw from locking shut and can help keep you relaxed in labour.  Not sure how much I trust it to work but I am willing to give it a go!

Nursing Bra

I have a Bravado nursing bra ready for the hospital stay and at home.  My nursing bras from Dylan are looking rather well used now and so it is lovely to have a nice new one ready to wear.

Nobody warns you how difficult breastfeeding can be and although it is the most rewarding thing, taking care of yourself does make it easier.  This little pack comes in a handy bag and has breast pads, cooling pads and cream to make the first few days easier.

Going home outfit

I am packing an oversized jumper, leggings and my bravado nursing vest for the trip home as I know comfort is the most important thing, and hiding the very wobbly tummy is a close second!

Big pants

Thongs are definitely not an option after childbirth! Rather than buying disposable I have a few pairs of old pants that I can throw away afterwards as I think they look so much more comfortable!

Maternity Pads

As glamorous as they look and unfortunately rather necessary!


I have minatures of my favourite shampoo, condition, shower gel and perfume as well as some moisturiser and creams so I can have a nice relaxing shower afterwards.

Phone charger, Phone, Camera

All for the obvious reasons - I want to capture those perfect moments when I get to meet my little baby for the first time!

Can you think of  anything I have forgotten? My bag looks nice and full and hopefully this means I am all ready for the little guy's arrival!

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Friday 8 February 2013

Henry Hugglemonster

Dylan is finally getting to the age where he is interested in TV.  Although I am wary of him watching too much, I must admit that being able to sit him down for five minutes as I get on with something (sneak off to the kitchen to eat chocolate) is bliss and with the end of pregnancy becoming rather tiring it can be a real lifesaver!

Henry Hugglemonster is a brand new program coming to Disney Junior and will be on every Friday (starting tonight!) at 5:50pm.  We were sent a preview DVD of the show and it was a huge hit with the little guy.  The characters are fun and colourful and the theme music is very addictive! Dylan loves having a little boogie along with it.  

We were also invited to meet Niamh, the creater of Henry and the Hugglewugs and had a mini masterclass at drawing our very own Henry.  Dylan's may not have been very decipherable but he definitely got stuck in with some colouring, using every crayon he could get his hands on!  

Niamh started writing the book back in 2006 and we love it.  It promotes reading together as there is so much to look at and not written as a traditional story and we often look at it together.  The program is about a typical three child family and it is lovely to watch it with Dylan and see the mummy and daddy characters.  Hopefully he will love it even more when he has his own little brother too!

Here is what Disney have to say: 

Set to premiere on Disney Junior UK on February 8th 2013 at 5.50pm before rolling out to audiences in more than 150 countries worldwide, the family series follows the adventures of fun-loving, five-year-old Henry Hugglemonster, the middle child in a happy, madcap close-knit monster family – the Hugglemonsters. Each story will transport preschoolers into the world of Henry Hugglemonster as he guides the young audience through the ups and downs of being part of a loving, bustling monster family.

The 48 x 11 minute series (and two 30-minute seasonal specials) is developed from a series of books created by Ireland’s Children’s Laureate Niamh Sharkey called I’m a Happy Hugglewug and published by Walker Books. The illustration style of the books is retained in the series’ animation.

Geri Halliwell whose character Isabella Roarsome is never seen without her gold tutu and matching bling in the show’s fictional town, Roarsville, commented: “Being involved in Henry Hugglemonster has been such a joy. The show has a truly positive message, teaching kids to be themselves and reminding them of the importance of family values. What’s more, it’s been so lovely to share this experience with my own daughter, who helped me learn the songs for my role as Isabella!”

Brenda Blethyn, OBE, has been cast in the role of Ernestine Enormomonster, who is married to Eduardo Enormomonster, voiced by Brian Blessed. Eduardo and Ernestine Enormomonster’s daughter, Estelle, is best friends with Henry Hugglemonster, and together the Enormomonsters are always happy to lend an enormous hand whenever someone in Roarsville needs some help.

Blethyn, whose work has spanned theatre, television and film, has received various award nominations throughout her career including two Academy Awards*, two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards, winning one, as well as a BAFTA. British actor Brian Blessed who is best known for his hearty, king-sized portrayals on film and television, is one of England’s most treasured and highly respected actors.

Geri Halliwell, Brenda Blethyn and Brian Blessed will feature in the English-speaking territories where Disney Junior airs including the UK, U.S., and South Africa.

The series is directed by Emmy Award winning director Norton Virgien (Rugrats, Doc McStuffins), the lead writer is Sascha Paladino (Wonder Pets, Ni-Hao Kai-Lan) and the series is produced by Gillian Higgins (Doc McStuffins, Octonauts).

Created in May 2007, Disney’s London production hub drives the investment in and development of long form animation outside of North America, for both European and global distribution. It has already achieved great success with series such as UK-produced Jungle Junction, which has proved to be a huge hit with Disney Junior audiences internationally. The series has now rolled out in more than 150 countries worldwide winning a BAFTA nomination and more than 23 million viewers in EMEA alone.

We have it all set up on series record as I can see Henry Hugglemonster becoming a firm family favourite in this house!
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Thursday 7 February 2013

Special Times

I spent 90% of my week with my son and am priviledged to be watching him grow up into a gorgeous and clever little boy. We do so much together, from toddler groups, meal times, trips out and chores, but some days are just special.  Maybe there are a few more treats, or I am feeling a bit more relaxed, but we definitely have special moments whether they are planned or unplanned.

Every day with him is precious, but it is these special days that I will really miss when there is an extra little person.  I'm sure they will be just as amazing if not more with both of my boys around, but there is something about our mother-son bonding days that I will always treasure.

Some days we take a walk into town, and I have him in the parent facing buggy so we sing all the way down, giggling as we walk. I let him out and we explore the little things together, from jumping in puddles to pointing out every single car we see.   We may go into a little cafe, and share a cake.  I may treat him to some juice, and let him drink it from a big cup with a straw.  It is just the two of us though, and we go off into our own little world where nobody else exists.

Sometimes our special times are at home, and we will crawl around the living room floor together giggling and making silly noises, before collapsing in a heap and having the most perfect cuddles.  

Sometimes our special moments are when we are killing time and we make up our own games and get lost in them.

Every time is different, but every time I am aware that we are sharing something so special, so perfect and that we will never have that particular experience again.  I try my hardest to take in every little bit of his beautiful smile and remember the sound of his laugh.  I take mental pictures of us running along the seafront together or sat in the cafe having a cuddle and a glass of milk.  Most of the time I am too busy enjoying myself to even think about getting my camera out.

Today was one of those days . It started off special - even breakfast felt exciting.  We had things to do and got the train to Canterbury for a day out together.  We sat down and shared one of our favourite dinners in a restaurant together, doing some colouring and playing with our food.  I didn't care if we laughed too loudly or broke the rules as we were happy.  We walked around the town together, playing peekaboo and touching everything.  We splashed through puddles in the park without a care in the world and with Dylan in the pushchair I stomped up and ran down the same hill hundreds of times just to see the look of joy on his face.

We do all of these things often, but for some reason today felt different - special.  Maybe it is knowing that our little family will be a little bigger by the end of this month.  Maybe it was just a good day.  Either way, it was a perfect one.  I really hope that when the new baby arrives, Dylan and I can still have our special times.  That he will still look at me with those bright blue eyes and cheeky grin like no-one else matters.  I hope that Squish and I can have our own special times too, us against the world.

Giving Dylan a little brother is hopefully one of the best things I can give him - someone to play with, teach, fight with and learn from.  I just hope that he still needs me just as much!

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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Hospital Bag for Baby

The time has come to make final preperations for the arrival of little Squish and this involves packing my bags ready for hospital.  Last time I put everything in one giant bag and had trouble finding what I needed, so this time I have decided to have a bag for baby and a bag for me so his little clothes are kept safe.

what to pack in hospital bag for baby, pink lining hospital bag, pink lining, hospital bag, newborn baby bag

Pink Lining have sent me this gorgeous Twins bag blue bouquet as I will have two sets of nappies to be carting round soon and I thought it would be perfect as Squish's bag for the hospital. It has so many pockets and comes with a lovely padded changing mat and zipped bag so it has been nice and easy to pack everything into.  It's debut outing sees it full to the brim with gorgeous blue and white and I thought I would share what I have packed for baby's hospital bag

5 x 0-3 month Vests

I remember how fast Dylan outgrew newborn last time so we have gone straight for 0-3 months this time with the idea that this will be another chunky baby.  If he does come out smaller than expected then we do have some newborn vests at home just in case.

5 x Newborn Sleepsuits

Although we have packed bigger vests, I couldn't resist the teeny tiny newborn sleepsuits from Mothercare and I am sure they will fit for a day or two at least (I hope so!)  I don't have a specific 'coming home outfit' for Squish so whichever sleepsuit he happens to be in will be perfect.

3 x Newborn Hats

Having a winter baby I am going to be dressing him all snug and warm and found some dinky little hats that match the sleepsuits so he will look adorable!

5 x Muslin squares

These were my staple item for the first nine months of Dylan's life and I used them as cot sheets, to wipe up sick and dribble and as breastfeeding covers among other things.  These are one of the only things I haven't got new for the hospital bag as I did end up with so many last time!

2 x Scratch Mitts

Even though the sleepsuits I have chosen have inbuilt scratch mitts, I felt like I should pack a couple of pairs 'just in case'

1 x Booties

The best thing about winter babies is all the cute and snuggly accessories!

1 x Newborn Snowsuit

I want to make sure Squish is lovely and cosy when we take him home and I love newborns in all white so I bought this gorgeous penguin snowsuit from Kiddicare

2 x Blankets

I am sure I will only need one, but I just couldn't decide so I have thrown both in!  There is a lovely white and rainbow Frugi blanket and a knitted colourful one that I chose from Mothercare.

20 x Size one nappies

Self explanatory really!

4 x Cloth Nappies

I have packed four gorgeous and tiny Tots Bots Teenyfits.  I love the idea of using cloth from birth, but I am not sure if I am brave enough yet as I do remember how revolting the meconium really is! I have the option this way and will see how I feel when Squish is here

Baby Wipes and Cotton Wool

I intend to use cotton wool and water for all nappy changes in the first few days so I have packed a pack of cotton wool, but never understimate a newborn - baby wipes may well be a necessity!

Swaddle Blanket

We never swaddled Dylan but I fell in love with these gorgeous swaddle gro bags from Ergo Pouch at the baby show and have one ready in the newborn size to keep my new little man all cosy and help him sleep.

I will also have a newborn Car seat of course to take the little guy home in!  I have managed to fit most of this into my new changing bag but I have to admit that the blankets are in my bag now as they just wouldn't fit.

pink lining, hospital bag, what to pack, twins bag, large changing bag

As you can see this fab changing bag makes a perfect hospital bag and I can't wait to have a tiny baby to fit into all these gorgeous new things!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a Pink Lining changing bag free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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Sunday 3 February 2013

Britax Mumbassador

I am delighted to say that I am joining the team of Britax Mumbassadors.  This means I will be able to share all their news and competitions as well as bringing you some reviews throughout the year.

Britax are one of the biggest names in child safety, and one that has been around a while.  My mum still remembers buying our Britax car seats when we were little as they were the most trusted brand and she wanted to keep her babies safe.  Now it is my turn to look after my babies and their safety is of the upmost importance.

I look forward to sharing more about Britax with you in the future!
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18 Months Old!

Somehow 18 months have passed since the little dude entered my life.  I cannot quite account for where they have gone but looking through the thousands of photos I have taken it is amazing to see how much he has grown and changed and the amazing things we have done together.

At 18 months he is no longer the gorgeous newborn baby, but a cheeky toddler with enough energy for us both! He is always running around and has so many words (although I still don't understand them all).  He will soon be a big brother which is as exciting as it is strange!

To celebrate his half birthday, I decided to go back through my photos and showcase one from every month of his life to show how much he has grown up! Every photo is a memory and I remember taking every one and thinking how gorgeous and perfect my baby boy is.

0 months, 0 days, 3 hours!

1 month old
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Saturday 2 February 2013

Win a Cosatto Yo!

Cosatto may just be my favourite baby brand and I am loving my role as brand buddy.  I have been testing some amazing products and have loved every one of them!  I am teaming up with Cosatto now to offer you the chance to win one of their gorgeous Yo! Toffee apple strollers worth £230!  You can see my review of the Yo! and how much we loved it.

Cosatto are renowned for their vibrant and colourful designs and the toffee apple is certainly not one you will lose in a crowd!   It is suitable from newborn and comes complete with a headhugger and matching footmuff as well as a handy raincover that can be clipped onto the side of the buggy, giving you more space in the basket for the all important shopping!  It is sturdy and well made whilst still folding umbrella style and fitting nicely in the boot.

So if you want to be in with the chance of winning one of your very own, just fill in the rafflecopter form below!  

Disclaimer:  The prize is provided by Cosatto, I am receiving no financial reward for hosting this competition however I am a brand buddy for Cosatto and have received other products for review.

ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions
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