Saturday 31 May 2014

Me and Mine - May

May has been a month of family, with lots of days out and long weekends.  The sun has shone and the heavens have opened as the sky fights between spring and summer but the warmer months are in sight and we are getting excited about the possibilities.

Our May photos were taken at a family picnic last weekend, when we realised it was our last chance before the end of the month.  We had worn ourselves out with rounders and football,  enjoyed the seaside air (and the wind that comes with it), and caught up with family from all over the country.  We were tired and happy, unprepared but together.

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Tech 21 Phone Case Review

With the idea of our ski holiday in mind, Tech21 sent me one of their phone cases to keep my phone protected even when I was sliding down a mountain on my bum.  There were a choice of colours for my Samsung galaxy S4 and I went for a purple.

The case was easy to put on and slips over the phone without having to remove the back cover.  Since I have been using the case, it has never fallen off of my phone like some others, and despite a couple of drops, the phone has continued to work as normal.

Unfortunately, even when dropped from only knee height, the case does not protect the screen and my phone landed on the back yet the screen cracked.  I was using a cheap screen protector both times rather than the Tech 21 version, so I would definitely reommend getting a good cover for the screen too.

The case does look good and my phone is still in tact (other than the screen) so it must be working!
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Monday 26 May 2014

When the Sun is Shining

There are days where even the best of plans can be ruined by the great British weather and those ever trendy ponchos are on standby even in August.  There are also times when everything comes together though, where the sun is on our side, the wind is low and the back up plans can stay just that, and this weekend was one of those.

After Saturday's showers, Sunday gave us beautiful sunshine and with a big family picnic planned it could not have been better timing.  Aunts, Uncles and cousins came from all over and the boys were in their element with green space, sea air,  picnic food and plenty of entertainers.  

We met in 'the dip', a dipped park on the sea front and played rounders and football, enjoyed ice creams and blueberries and had more fun than you can possibly believe with a stack of cones.  We took two exhausted boys back to their beds at the end of a perfect day.  

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Working from Home

My working environment has recently changed, and a busy restaurant has been replaced with a cosy sofa. Whilst it is pretty nice being able to put my feet up and eat biscuits throughout the working day, I sometimes struggle to stay focused and to be productive in the right areas.  Here are my top tips for working from home:

  • Be strict with yourself.  Set yourself work times and scheduled breaks and don't check facebook/instagram/twitter in between.  I know my limit is about an hour and a half on the computer before I need to get up and move, so I make sure I have a 15 minute break whenever I need one.
  • Make sure your working area is comfortable.  I tend to use the sofa, and I was sent a gorgeous silk throw and pillow which make the space so much more appealing.  If you work at a desk make sure it isn't too cluttered and there is lots of light.

  • When you do take a break be as active as you can.  Dance around to some music, do some housework or go for a run.  This stops me getting so restless and makes my day even more productive.
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Thursday 22 May 2014

15 Months

My favourite development of the last month has been Archie's increasing love of cuddles.  He grabs you tightly round the neck and rests his little blond head on your shoulders, saying "ahhhh",  and usually making you forget the fact that he has just put an empty washing machine on for an extra long spin or smashed the last remaining easter egg by throwing it off the table.  He is affectionate with most people and he cuddles friends and family whenever he sees a chance.

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Tuesday 20 May 2014


May has brought with it lots of days off, a reason to start running again and of course some beautiful sunshine.  I haven't taken my camera out very much recently, but these are a few snaps from the times I did.

We have spent long afternoons in the park, have seen friends and family ever day and have had our fair share of parties to attend as well.  May has involved digging the shorts out the back of the cupboard, making suncream a staple part of the changing bag and plenty of sandcastles on the beach.  Even if the weather doesn't last, we have had the last couple of weeks and we have spent as much of it as possible outside.

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Monday 19 May 2014

A Toddler-Proof Lunchbox

I was contacted recently by the people behind an amazing new product that has made picnics easier and kept our blankets cleaner.  Flatbox is a fantastic lunchbox made of washable, heat-resistant neoprene that undoes completely to make a thick place mat.

I have a child who does not sit still.  No matter how tight you pull the harness, he climbs in and out of his highchair, and picnics have always been difficult as Archie hasn't quite grasped the concept of staying still to eat.  He isn't a fan of plates other than using them as frisbees of course, but he loves to be outdoors and he really loves food.
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Saturday 17 May 2014

The Color Run

I have always been a little impulsive, but two days ago I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for the Color Run, one day ago I booked my place and today I am here asking for your support.

The Color Run involves 5km of running, jogging or walking all whilst be covered in colour, specifically Dulux paint.  We will start in white and end up looking more like a rainbow (albeit a messy one), hopefully having raised lots of pennies for Save the Children.

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Thursday 15 May 2014


Change is necessary,  it is natural.  We all get older and wiser, change direction, move around and evolve.  It feels like we are all in a period of such change at the moment that sometimes I have to take a step back to see where we are going.

Dylan is fast losing his toddler traits and becoming a little boy.  Last week saw me finally decide on a preschool for September after weeks of deliberation.  This will be Dylan's first time in this kind of setting as he has never been enrolled in a nursery and it marks the beginning of something big.  It is only just over a year until we will be getting ready for school and that thought terrifies me.  

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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Playmobil is 40

I was born in the eighties, back in the days of playbus, cupcake dollies, tape recorders and of course Playmobil.  Playmobil had already been around for a while when I entered the world, and 40 years since those first plastic figures were created, we are celebrating the fact that it is still here and still entertaining generations of children.

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Monday 12 May 2014

Win a Cosatto Giggle in Oaker

I have been a fan of Cosatto since we first started thinking about pushchairs nearly three years ago.  When Dylan was six months old we bought him a lightweight stroller and we went for the little monster design- it was perfect for our little monster Dylan and our second little monster  still uses it now.

Cosatto are known for their colour and their style and there is nothing boring about their pushchairs.  Today I have a gorgeous Giggle in Oaker to give away to one lucky reader.  Suitable from birth with the carrycot (included), the giggle is sure to stand out.  

Cosatto have no hidden suprises so the Giggle comes with the carrycot, seat unit, changing bag, footmuff and chest pads meaning you are ready to go! You can also buy a matching car seat to go with it!

Entry is very simple via the rafflecopter below - Good Luck!

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Thursday 8 May 2014

Little Explorers

We are a family who loves to be outdoors, from festival loving parents, to the little boy who could have a picnic everyday of the year, to the baby who spends all morning bringing me random shoes until I finally take him outside.  We love exploring and we love adventure.

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Wednesday 7 May 2014

The May Bank Holiday

After such a late Easter, the May bank holiday seemed to come around all of a sudden, but I was definitely not complaining.  Bank holiday weekends are all about family for us and we got to spend time with both sides this weekend as well as enjoying time as our little family of four..

Park play, vertbaudet, 14 months old
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Tuesday 6 May 2014

My Funny Little Boy - April

Every single day this little guy makes me laugh with the funny things he says, and every now and again I remember to write one down.  Here are the latest collection:

{sat on the toilet in Cafe Nero}
Dylan: what's that mummy?
Mummy: It is an emergency cord.  If we get hurt or stuck and we need help then it lets people know
Dylan: Daddy said yesterday that we had no chocolate and that was an emergency, can I pull it?

Dylan: Have you got a baby in your tummy?
 Mummy: No!
Dylan: What IS it in there then?
(cheeky toddler!)

Grandma:  Dylan, do you need a hand?
Dylan: Yes please Grandma, I need that one over there on the left

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Monday 5 May 2014

The Day That Review and Giveaway

I sat down this week to sort through my maternity clothes.  There are no plans for another baby here anytime soon and as a friend has had the lovely news that she is expecting, I thought I would see if there was anything I could lend.  As I looked through the piles of vests, dresses and bump bands, I remembered buying each item with excitement about how I would fill it out, and I remembered wearing each item, the proud bump shots I took in a top, or the wedding I attended at 37 weeks pregnant in that (incredibly) stretchy dress.

It seems like so long ago that I fitted into these clothes.  So long since I felt my little squish kicking from inside.  I sat down and read his birth story, remembering the excitement and anticipation.  14 months has passed since that day, and the beautiful newborn with eyes so bright is now the cheekiest toddler, with the same blue eyes and a lot more hair.

I was so lucky to have the birth I wanted.  It was calm, quick and perfect, and as the sun was rising, I was getting into the water, ready for my little man to make his big entrance.  I don't remember much from that day other than my baby.  I know it must have quite cold, as it had been a bitter winter, and I know it was clear.  I had watched the sunset the night before with it's rainbow of red and orange, but Archie's first day was all about him.

This photo was taken early on that chilly Sunday morning, while most people were still nursing a hangover or enjoying a lie in.  This is the sun rising on the first day of Archie's life, the first day of our lives as a family of four and for that reason alone it is beautiful.

The Day That have photographed every new day since June 2005, to remember the moments we are too busy to and I adore the idea.  There is no sunrise more magical and more full of memory than the first day of a new life, even if I didn't witness it myself and my photo proudly sits on our wall.

The quality of the photo, the hand written caption, the choice frame and the fact that there were seven photos from the day to choose from give this photo a unique and beautiful touch and I love this new addition to our house.

The Day That are now offering digital downloads as well as framed pictures that you can print, frame and stick on facebook and I have one to give away to three lucky readers.  The entry is via simple rafflecopter below - Good Luck!

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