Sunday 19 July 2015

What the Boys Wore - Vertbaudet

The bloke got made redundant at the end of June - something we found out was happening the same week Finn was born, but that still seemed to creep up out of nowhere.  The place he works was relocating to the other end of the country, and alongside having a new baby around, he has been job hunting.  Thankfully he found another job that he is really excited about, but there were two weeks of unemployment in the middle.

Somehow he timed this period with beautiful sunshine and as strange as it was having him around so much, it was lovely to be able to do things as a family more.  We spent one of the nicest days down at the beach, and Vertbaudet had sent us some summer bits for the boys to wear.

We are lucky to have the beach on our doorstep, and you may notice that so many of our summer photos have blue sea as a background.  It is our 'go to ' place on a quiet day, for a play date or just to kill an hour before dinner and we have a bag with our buckets and spades hanging by the door so we are always ready to go.

My favourite colour at the moment has to be yellow - it makes me feel happy, and it seems to suit everyone in the family (other than the bloke who wouldn't dream of wearing it).  It also seems to bring out a tan, and my little blonde boy seems to have caught the son quite a bit already this year.

The green shorts Dylan is wearing are also by vertbaudet and they come up pretty long.  I have had clothes from them before that came up pretty small so I sized up, but I think their sizing must have regulated a bit as these now seem pretty true to size.  They have an adjustable waist which means they should fit next summer as well - perfect!

Vertbaudet did send a T-shirt and shorts for Finn, but I don't tend to dress him in things with such a structured waistband yet so it was hard to try these properly.  He did have them on for a while, and they looked very sweet - I really loved the colours on him, a pink and grey on the top and some turquoise shorts.

Vertbaudet have a summer sale on now, with up to 60% off, so if you need any more summer bits (or like to stash ahead for next year like me), then now is the time to shop!


  1. I absolutely love Vertbaudet and those hats are gorgeous. I love the boys in matching clothes! x

  2. I always think their shorts are good. Ethan is six now but has age 4 shorts from them..

  3. I love things with adjustable waists! Athena is still wearing a 12-18 month skirt at over 2 years old! I have a few things for her for the next size up that I got in Vertbaudets sale actually!

  4. Such lovely outfits on them all!
    Great news that your partner has found a new job .


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