Wednesday 8 July 2015

My Top Five Products for a Feeding Mum

I have been the mum that would try breastfeeding with no pressure. I have been the mum hiding in a toilet, worried about breastfeeding in public.  I have been the mum that weaned onto bottles.  I have been the mum who knew she would breastfeed before her baby was even born.  I have been the mum proudly breastfeeding.  I have been the mum who breastfed a toddler.  I have been the mum that cup fed.  I have been the mum that bottlefeeds.  I have been the mum that does her very best for her babies, and makes sure they are fed, happy and growing.

I have breastfed, cup fed and bottle fed, and whilst there are some products brilliantly designed for a certain way of feeding, there are also a lot of products that are just fantastic for those mums that regularly feed their children.  Here are my top 5


Muslins are genius things, so simple, so underated until you have a baby to feed, and then you realise their worth.  I used them as a light cover when I felt nervous feeding in public, I have used them as a burping cloth, and as a makeshift bib for a baby with reflux.  However I feed my baby, I make sure I have a muslin close at hand.

-Loose, comfy tops

Whether you want something easy to lift up or down, or something to cover the belly that for me is taking a lot longer to shift now that I have stopped breastfeeding, loose comfy tops will be all you want to wear in those early weeks.  Preferably patterned, as it hides any bodily fluids your baby may emit better.

-Co-sleeper Crib

Babies wake in the night, and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed.  Co-sleeper cribs allow you to comfort baby without really getting up.  They mean breastfeeding mamas can roll over and feed baby without really waking up, and bottle fed babies get the comfort of co-sleeping whilst still keeping personal space and staying safe.  Finn sleeps best when I am close by and my Snuzpod is worth its weight in gold.

-Comfy feeding cushion.

I have tried a few, and I still swear by a V-pillow, like the ones you use to read in bed.  Babies get heavy really fast, and having somewhere to rest them whilst you feed them means they are in a more comfortable position.  Whatever vessel you are feeding from, comfort is important for mama and baby


You are feeding a baby, you deserve cake! We are all a little sleep deprived, often forgetting to eat proper meals, and our babies rely on us completely, we deserve cake!

I have fed my babies in so many different ways over the past four years, and each one has had its own challenges and rewards.  What were your favourite baby feeding products?


  1. Oh my gosh that cake!! WOWEE!! You can really never have too many muslins x

  2. Having a co sleeper crib was the best choice I ever made with my third baby. It just made the whole nighttime feeding so much easier, and I the disturbed sleep didn't effect me so much during the day. I love the chevron blanket in the photo of the co-sleeper.

  3. A great list, I could not have enough muslins - constantly using them.

  4. The co sleeping crib saved me!!! I use it and need it with all my babies. It makes night time feeding a lot easier and helps me fall back asleep more easily too. I can't imagine having to get up and move around too much, I'd have too much difficulty falling back to sleep. Disrupted sleep = tired grumpy mum!


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