Wednesday 1 July 2015

Life with 3 - Month 4

We have completely given up on being anywhere on time this month, but we are embracing the freedom too as we head into the final few weeks of nursery where it is allowed.  My mum told me that the reason she had a third baby so close to the first two was so that she didn't have to do the school run with a newborn, and I have to say, I think it makes a lot of sense.  Finn will be 6 months by the time Dylan starts school, and I think it may be easier to get us all out the house on time after 6 months of practice.

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Dylan and Archie are still totally in love with their little brother, Archie asks for him constantly and is always asking to give him a cuddle, or help feed him, although after about three seconds he is done.

Dylan loves to tell everyone about his baby brother, although he tells them all Finn is 'just born', as he classifies the first year as born, and then you become 1,2, 3 . . .  He still wants to hold his hand when he gets tired, and as soon as he lies down with Finn, the thumb goes in.  

Finn is starting to spend more time 'playing' - lying on playmats - and the big two are enjoying lying with him, shaking toys or showing him how to make things light up or make a noise.  I worried about giving a third baby as much attention as the first, but I really don't need to when he has brothers to give him constant stimulation.  There is always something going on in our house, there are always games to watch, 'shows' to listen to and siblings to play with.

Three gets easier every month, we are still out every day, doing everything I did with two (although I haven't braved central London with all three yet).  I am trying to make sure I get some one on one time with each of them now.  I have one day a week where it is just Finn and I, and sometimes I get a couple of hours with Dylan whilst the little two nap - poor Archie always seems to be the one left out, but he is so used to having constant company, he seems to prefer it with his brothers around!

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This month I am finding more time for me - something that feels even more important after the third baby, and little things like going to the gym a couple of times a week, and seeing friends in the evenings are helping to balance being constantly needed for something in the day.  

I asked the bloke how he was finding three, and he thinks it is easier than he expected.  He managed all three for two hours whilst I had a break last weekend and he was impressed that he didn't even break a sweat.  


  1. Oh Bex they are so adorable together. Love these photos. The boys are just like the closest trio of love I have ever seen. Lovely post.

  2. Such a gorgeous trio of boys. I'm so glad you're finding your groove now and finding some more me time, it always feels like those really intense newborn days will never end when you're in them, and then a couple of months down the line you find yourself feeling a bit more like you again. x

  3. Lol I haven't braved London with all three yet! I think for my sanity it will be another couple of years. Make the most of your time before school starts.

  4. I have heard before going from 1-2 kids is harder than 2-3, it seems like you've done extremely well! well done :)

    1. I have found it the other way round, I no longer have enough hands! I think it depends a lot on the children, and my first is by far the easiest

  5. Oh you almost make me broody for a third... almost! I can attest to the fact that the school run with a newborn is tricky, although once you've done it a few times it just becomes habit. You're doing such a good job with three, you make it look easy! xx

  6. You really sound like you're getting into your groove this month and it's lovely to see you all so happy - plus the boys' tops are amazing!!


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