Monday 27 July 2015

Life with 3 - Month 5

Finn turned 5 months this weekend, which means we have spent five whole months as a family of five.  I keep being told 'hasn't it gone fast', but somehow it hasn't.  It feels like Finn has been part of the family forever.  It feels like a whole lifetime ago that we were in SCBU, and I can barely even remember writing our four month update, it was so long ago.  Things are going at a great pace, I feel like I have time to appreciate where we are now, and I am hoping the the summer holidays stay slow, as I think September is going to be a whole new challenge to the parenting three thing.

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This month has seen the end of nursery and preschool ahead of the summer.  We have spent more time at the beach and the park than ever, and I can't wait for a summer of freedom.  The most challenging thing as a non driver is still transport, as Dylan gets so tired, and if we are out all day, he struggles to walk home sometimes.  This means I can either take a double buggy with two seats and Finn in a sling, or I have to somehow persuade a boy struggling to keep his eyes open to nap.  There was a situation this month that left me pushing Dylan and Archie in the buggy (Archie squished into Finn's carrycot), whilst carrying the only one of the three who was awake - not an easy feat!

This past month has seen Finn grow and develop, and his new sturdiness and abilities have made the boys even more excited to play with him.  Whilst he still can't do much - he is only just five months after all - they love the fact that he responds to them with smiles and giggles, that he 'plays' and chews his toys and that I can prop him up on the sofa between them.  

This is our last month with three under four, as Dylan's birthday is creeping around, and I have to admit trying to organise a birthday party with three little ones is pretty hard - as long as he has a cake I will be happy.

brothers, the mummy adventure

Archie is still very hands on, and Dylan is so protective.  There is a bond between the three of them that is so sweet, and I hope that it only strengthens as Finn becomes more interactive.  Now that nursery is out for the summer, the boys are going to be together every moment of every day, and I am going to have no respite from the full-on-ness (totally a word) of three.  

 Photographing three is only getting harder, and the only shot that I have that isn't blurry or doesn't have Archie's face completely blocking all of Finn, is this one.  You can probably tell from Archie's expression that he is being bribed to sit still, Dylan is pulling a rather strange face and Finn is looking slightly bemused.

three under four, brothers

I see so much of the other two in Finn, especially in the way he looks.  He swaps between being the double of Dylan and Archie depending on which face he pulls, and there is no denying these three are brothers.  Life with three is exhausting and exciting and everything I thought it would be. 


  1. Hope you all have a great summer! 3 sounds like a challenge but lovely to see the bond developing between the three of them :)

  2. Hope you all have a great summer! 3 sounds like a challenge but lovely to see the bond developing between the three of them :)


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