Monday 6 July 2015

Sleeping Like a Baby - Even in Summer

I have been really lucky *touch wood* with all three of my boys, they are sleepers.  None were sleeping through at an amazingly early age, but they all like their sleep, and my nearly four year old still naps several days a week.  

The recent hot weather has made sleeping difficult for us all, so I thought I would offer some top tips for helping get a good night's sleep, whether you are three months, three years or three decades.

*Dressing for the weather is a great start - Dylan is still insisting on wearing long sleeves and trousers most nights, but he is then covered in sweat within minutes.  We try and dress the bigger two in shorts and a vest for bed, and Finn is in just a nappy and a short sleeved vest at the moment.  We check on them before we go to sleep and can put on a light blanket if the temperature has dropped.

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*When the weather is really warm, we use a fan to cool the air.  If you put either ice packs or a jug of very cold water in front of the fan it helps cool as well as circulate the air.

*Making sure you are all sleeping on the right mattress is important - no water proof sheets unless you really need them, and light cotton bed sheets are the most breathable.

*Cool baths in the evening before bed are a great way to help regulate their temperature as well as winding down and cleaning off after a day most likely spent getting messy outside (if you are anything like us).  Some days we let them bath outside, adding a tiny bit of baby bath to their paddling pool.

*We like to leave the windows open when we are at home to let air flow through, and keep the curtains half shut in the heat of the day to stop them warming up the inside of the house.  We do close them all before bed, but this helps keep the house a bit cooler.

*Moving furniture around to make sure your bed is out of direct sunlight stops it heating up too much (and stops the sun peeping through the curtains from waking up the kids too early!)

*If your baby wakes for milk in the night and you are bottlefeeding, you could try keeping some in the fridge ( the ready made cartons), so that they can have a cool drink in the night.

*Apparently, popping bed sheets and pillow cases (dry) into the freezer for 30 minutes before going to bed helps keep them cool as you drift off.

Finn has been finding the warmer nights the hardest, but at 4 months he is still learning to control his body temperature.  Keeping him cool has meant more sleep for him and therefore for me too!  

How do you make sure everyone stays cool on hot night?

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  1. We had horrendous nights with the heat when T was in our room with us. He just couldn't sleep at all. I always feel sorry for babies in the heat, they just don't know what's going on! x


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