Friday 31 July 2015

Me and Mine July

July has been the busiest month of our year, it appears nearly everyone we know was born this month and we have had so many parties!  Add into that the bloke passing his driving test, and we have ended the month on a high.  In fact, we ended it by driving up to London to meet one of my favourite bloggers who took some lovely photos for us!

The bloke spent the first two weeks of this month unemployed, as there was a break before he started his new job, and we have spent so much time as a family this month that it seems right that we get some great shots to capture it.  

This month I am loving the end of nursery and the beginning of freedom, going to Bubble London and seeing all the SS16 kids fashion collections, A girls night camping (with Finn too of course) and donuts on the beach.

The bloke is loving passing his driving test, having a car, driving everywhere and his car.  (Did I mention how much he loves driving?)

Dylan is loving how much birthday cake he has managed to eat this month, the countdown to turning 4, drinking smoothies and the ninja turtles.

Archie is loving talking non-stop, walking more and more, exploring with his binoculars and singing all the time.

Finn is loving the ball pit at soft play, moving up into 3-6 month clothing, having his neck tickled and his crazy big brothers.

 August is our final month before school begins, it is the month my biggest baby turns 4 and hopefully it will be full of sunshine too.


  1. Oh what a wonderful month! And yes crazy busy too but so full of fun especially having the whole family together for two weeks - great time for a little job break. I love your pictures and yay for having someone to take them, I'm finding five is a challenge!!

  2. You're such a gorgeous, photogenic family and as nice on the inside as you look on the outside! I'm so pleased that you had such a good month and I couldn't believe that the bloke passed his driving test and promptly hopped on the motorway... well done him!

  3. Aw you suit a family of 3 boys so well :) Glad you can now get out and about a bit easier with a car!

  4. Such lovely photos! Sounds like a great month for you all. I love the kids' matching outfits :) xxx

  5. What lovely pictures and well done to the bloke for passing his test xx

  6. Ah I love the top photo of you all, what a beautiful setting and and beautiful family! Well done to the bloke on passing his driving test, there will be no stopping you now (not that there was before) #meandmine xx

  7. Oh Bex I love these so much. Live with three boys you are doing amazing and they look so adorable all matching. So cuddly in that last snapshot too I love it. What a lovely setting to capture you all together this month. Some of my faves here. #meandmine

  8. Oh such beautiful and natural photos so lovely, and yes fingers crossed for a bit of sun x

  9. Such beautiful photos Becky, I think these are my favourites of your lovely family. You look so happy and adorable. x


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