Tuesday 8 May 2012

Icandy Cherry Review

One of the most important decisions when pregnant is picking which pram your little one will be carried around in, and we spent hours deliberating and browsing to find the perfect one.  It was actually the bloke that found it first, but I fell in love as soon as I saw it.  The icandy Cherry was beautiful.  I already knew that a generic black buggy wasn't for me, and the cherry came in a range of lovely shades, my favourite being mulberry (which we have).  It had a beautiful carrycot, which looked super comfortable.  I love big traditional prams, and hated the idea of using a carseat as a replacement.

icandy cherry, pram, mulberry

The pushchair seat unit was spacious and comfy, and the footmuff was super soft and looked fantastic.  The fleece covered the entire seat unit, meaning that a smaller baby would not look so tiny, and would stay nice and cosy in there.  The front of the footmuff can be zipped off so you can keep the pushchair cosy without making it too warm in spring and autumn weather

The basket underneath was deceptively large, although I have found it much easier to use when the seat is facing outwards than in any other position.  It easily carries everything I need, and all my shopping goes in nicely.

One of the main reasons we chose the cherry over other icandy models such as the apple was how lightweight it is.  As we do not drive, I was going to spend a lot of time pushing the pushchair around, getting on and off buses and trains, and so an easy to manoeuvre and light to lift pram was a definite priority.  I have had no problems at all with this, and actually find it easier to get on and off public transport than our stroller!

The seat unit reclines to three different positions, and the slight bucket shape means that a sleeping baby is so comfortable and almost in a cuddle position.  Dylan grew very fast, and had to go into the pushchair quite early on, but as we had the seat fully reclined, he looked very comfortable, and people often assumed that the seat was suitable from newborn.  

Although Dylan did outgrow the carrycot at about 12 weeks, he was about the size of your average 6 month old, so it is more to do with him being extra large than the carrycot being extra small.  I would have loved it if he could have stayed in it longer however.  Because of this I was even more grateful that we had the icandy cherry, as the seat can be both forward facing and parent facing, meaning that I could still see my little baby boy as we walked around.

baby in pushchair, 12 week old, icandy cherry mulberry


One of the main things that I look for in a pushchair (I have to be honest and superficial)  is how it looks.  Offer me a fantastic pushchair in lime green and I will have to turn you down.  The icandy is a stunner, and not a week goes by without me being approached and asked what make and model I am pushing and where one can be bought from.  This is one of my favourite things and I am proud to be seen pushing it,  making sure that I take it out everyday just to show it off.

Every pushchair comes with negatives, and it would not be fair to ignore them.  The handle is not adjustable, and at 5 foot 9, I do sometimes wish that the handle was a little higher, but it has not caused me any backache, and is a small price to pay in my opinion.  Like every other similar travel system, it also comes apart into two separate parts to fold it down.  This is not an issue in the slightest for me.  As I said, we don't drive and so it is very rarely folded, and when we do fold it, it is so simple, and just as fast to do as an umbrella fold stroller.
icandy cherry, pushchair, seat unit, mulberry


One of the reasons we were keen to try out the icandy range is that they are British and proud to be so.  Their products are sold only through a network of retailers, and they bypass the bigger chain stores.  It feels great to be putting the money in the smaller businesses hands rather than adding to the giant corporations, and they have set prices which means you are guaranteed that nowhere else sells it cheaper.

All in all I love my iCandy Cherry, and unlike everyone else I know, have never regretted my pram choice.  I keep waiting and expecting to see something new that I prefer, but nine months since I bought it, and nothing so far!  The pram is beautiful, easy to push, lightweight, with a huge basket and extremely comfy looking carrycot and seat unit.  I would definitely recommend it!  We paid around £550 for the chassis, seat unit, carrycot and footmuff which I believe to be excellent value for this high end travel system.

This is not a Sponsored post, and I have received nothing in return I just wanted to share my love for this beautiful pram


  1. Hello! What a fab review. It's really nice to read about something that you just like rather than something you have to write about. Choosing a pram is a BIGGUN up there with your own car really. I know when we began pram shopping we got completely bamboozled by a pram showroom and had to go and get a coffee to discuss the options. I think the iCandy really does look very nice and like you said, it's nice you get the option to have a larger baby facing you.
    I must say I've never seen one of these around Crystal Palace but now I've read your review I'll probably see them all over the place. Oh, and lastly, well done for buying British!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I know what you mean, when you read a review that is not funded by a company then you know it is 100% honest. I absolutely love this pushchair.

      We were completely overwhelmed with choices online but did a LOT of homework before we went to the showrooms.

      Look out for the little cherries on the back of the seat, there are few apples out there too, but I prefer the cherry!)

  2. I totally agree - we have exactly the same system in the same colour. We're so glad we got this one as there were so many to choose from!

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  4. Hi Bex, thank you so much for your review, I'm due my first in January and was really stuck for a pushchair to choose and this really helped! I love the big basket and the carrycot looks super cozy, couldn't believe I got an iCandy for £200 as well!


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