Tuesday 1 August 2023

Nun Night Eleven Year Old

You have grown so much as an 11 year old, in every way.  You are the main character in your story, you have an active life away from me and I feel like I am letting go a little bit more each week as you seek out independence and forge your own path.  You are confident without me always there, you are capable and you always make me proud.

I think 11 is the last year I will be able to look down at you as you must be around 5 foot 6 and you are wearing a size 9 shoe now.  There is still so much youth in your face and the way you walk though that I still see you as a child.  11 was the year you started caring a little more about what you wear (although as long as it is Adidas or a football shirt you still aren't that fussy).  It is a weird tween age where you have left behind so much of the child but you still have so much growing to do.

At 11 your passion is football.  It's come from nowhere and is all consuming and you want everything to be football based. You wanted the new FIFA game, football shirts and football training gear for your gifts, and of course anything with Liverpool FC on it.  I love seeing how enthusiastic you are about it all and how much time you spend outside because of the new hobby.

As an 11 year old you have been great company.  You can be sensible, helpful and chatty (you can also be none of these things depending on the day of course).  You are better at walking away from fights with your siblings (again, depending on the day) and we can see how important for you having your own space is as you reach this next stage in your life.

It is the last year before you officially become a teenager and I am looking forward to adventures with you both big and small this year. 

I know twelve is going to be a busy year with so much change but I want to stop and enjoy you whilst you are still littler than me, because I know how many lasts are coming as you start needing me less.  You are clumsy, frustrating, intelligent, loud and wonderful and no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby.

Sleep tight my gorgeous eleven year old, for tomorrow is a big day

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