Monday 26 November 2018

Being in the Picture

The first photo of my family is less than 24 hours after Dylan was born.  My Aunty took a photo of the three of us and it is so special.  We look so young and in total shock that the hospital actually let us leave with this small baby.  The setting it our messy living room, not quite prepared for a baby as we were convinced that first babies are always late and not, as it happens, two weeks early.

The next one is exactly a year on, and that tiny baby was a giant one and we are celebrating his first birthday.  We still look a bit shocked, I look just as round thanks to a little brother for him taking up space in my womb but we had relaxed into it.  Fast forward another 6 months and Archie is born - another photo worthy moment.

It was coming up to Archie's first birthday when I decided to change things and start taking a photo every month of us all, documenting our changing family and making sure that whatever else happens that month, I am getting in the picture so that when these little children of mine look back, they will see our family as it was and remember how present we were.

Some months (more than I intended) it is a family selfie taking on my phone in the fading afternoon light on the last day of the month.  It isn't always easy to find the time and even harder to ensure everyone is happy enough to get in the picture.  Sometimes the camera is balanced on the edge of something and the children allow me two shots where they will remain in the picture before they need to move on to the next adventure.

Last month thanks to Splento, a photography app that allows you to book a photographer with as little as 24 hours notice for any occasion, we had wonderful family photos captured which we will treasure forever.  Not only are there are plenty of the six of us (and we all know that is a lot of people to cram into one frame) but there are some of just me and one of the children, candid shots which don't happen as I am always the one behind the camera. 

Our photographer stayed with us for an hour, snapping away whilst we ran and played.  She took things at our pace, understood how to work with children and captured so many special photos for us.  You might have seen some in last months' Me and Mine post but here are a few more that I need to print out for the wall.   

Splento are offering 10% off with the code 'mummyadventure10' so if you have an event coming up, or if you are just overdue some family photos to capture you as you are right now then check them out!

I was provided with an hour's shoot in exchange for a post on instagram 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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