Wednesday 31 October 2018

Me and Mine in October

October has been a strange month weather wise.  There were days when we brought out the shorts and t-shirts and spent the afternoon at the beach and then there were days where we wondered where the thermals were as we bundled up with coats, hats and scarfs. We had a family photoshoot and in my head it would be beautifully autumnal, not as bright and sunny as it turned out! It does mean that we are organised with our Me and Mine photos for once though and I love them!

I have spent less time blogging than normal, but more time with friends, reading and as a family and I enjoyed slowing down for a bit.  November is looking pretty quiet which is nice and I am hoping to spend some quality one on one time with each of the children over the coming weeks.

This month I have loved seeing Les Miserable in London with my mum and sister, family days out over half term, a night out with my friends eating delicious sushi and hearing how happy the boys are at school during parent's evening.

Ed has loved seeing Dave Gorman on stage, taking Archie rock climbing, watching tv for the first time in years and halloumi fries.

Dylan has loved going to the theatre with his Uncle Oli, sleeping over at his best friend's house, crafting with Grandma and writing his Christmas list.

Archie has loved a bowling party with all his friends, going to see Smallfoot at the cinema, school trips to the beach and playing Reading Eggs on the computer.

Finn has loved going swimming with Aunty NatNat, a soft play party with his friends, late afternoon trips to the beach for dinner and going back to playgroup whilst nursery were having a teacher trainer day.

Cora has loved having her brothers home for half term to boss around, scooting everywhere and anywhere,  reading as many books as she can fit in before bed every night and a halloween party with her friends.

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