Sunday 13 March 2016

Planning a Homebirth

I know that you can't plan your birth.  I know that my body will go into labour spontaneously whenever it is ready and this labour may last 20 minutes or 20 hours.  I have come up with my ideal situation though and I am choosing to be positive,  but with a back up plan. 

One of my babies was born in the hospital, two in the midwife led unit and at the moment I am planning a homebirth for baby number four.  If you had asked me in any of my other pregnancies I would have told you that I would absolutely not have a baby at home.  I really didn't want a homebirth, I didn't think it was right for me or for us and it was never an option.  With this baby though, I can't help feeling that it is the right place.

My three labours so far all started just before midnight with the active stage getting shorter with each subsequent birth.  I am hoping that this baby follows the pattern and that everything happens at night whilst the boys are asleep.  My best case scenario plan means the boys go to bed with a calm mama and wake up to find a little baby asleep in the bed beside me, the midwives gone, the house cleaned up.  I know that should this not happen I have family and friends who can help out with the childcare though, just as they would if we were in a hospital.

I love the idea of sitting in my own bed after the ordeal of birth, with a cup of tea.  Curling up in my own bed with my brand new little person.  My shower is hands down better than any hospital one, my snacks are right there. I don't have to worry about moving again a few hours later when we get sent home, about getting dressed when I have only just given birth and about not remembering enough vests/nappies/muslins.

With all the time we have spent in hospital over the past year, I think part of my decision is the fact I have had enough of the place! I no longer feel as relaxed there as I used to as my memories have changed from wonderful births to weeks in scbu, uncertainty and fear.  I have so much trust in my body after it has birthed three babies already and I am confident and hopeful that it will know what to do a fourth time without needing to be in the hospital.

My labours have been quite quick and I know that at home I can just let it progress without having to go to the car, talk through any notes or see anybody.  I will have midwives here that will stay with me, dedicated care - something that isn't possible in a busy ward or midwife unit.  I would love to use a birthing pool at home, to have another water birth like I did with Archie.

I know that things don't always go to plan so I will have a hospital bag packed incase we need it.  I am planning to follow the same hypnobirthing course I used with Finn and I know what I want with this pregnancy and birth so even if we do get transfered to the hospital I will be planning as natural a birth as I can.  I am going to try and use cord ties again and will be asking for delayed cord clamping and a natural third stage as I did with the others as well as immediate skin to skin.

Birth is such a personal thing, no two are the same and we all have a different idea of our perfect scenario.  Despite everything I thought in my last three pregnancies I think this is the right path for me.  I am seeing a consultant this pregnancy (something new), but at the moment everything is still low risk and the birth I want is looking possible.

Have you had a homebirth before or would you consider one in the future?  I love hearing positive stories


  1. I had both babies at home and it was definitely the right decision for us but I know that it isn't the right decision for everyone. It sounds like it could well be a positive experience for you this time and if you need any info/advice you know where I am. We had to transfer to hospital after T was born due to him not breathing quite right but they tend to have ambulances on stand by just incase and they arrived pretty much instantly. I also had a bag packed just incase. It looks like you have your head completely in the right place x

  2. I had a home birth with my second son (he is 1 in two days) after a failed induction, which ended in an emergency c-section. The home birth was the absolute best experience. I had paid for a private midwife (due to my previous experience) and she was brilliant. I was calm and felt in control the entire time. I did use a birth pool, which I would highly recommend. It takes the edge off the contractions and helps to relax. The fact that I could then go to sleep in my own bed and have a shower in my own house was a big bonus. I wouldn't want to give birth any other way! All the best for your birth!

  3. Oh I can definitely see the appeal from the childcare point of view! If we ever had another and we were still living here I think the hospital would still just about weigh in as favourite, but it's small and cosy and really nearby. I do like the sound of my own shower and bath though - it was so nice to get home each time back to our own space!!

  4. aww you are very brave. I bet it will be a lovely experience for the whole family. I always liked the idea of going into hospital where its all clinical. For em thats one of the best bits how sad you can tell I'm a nurse! also a break from the other children too. Hope everything goes to plan very exciting.

  5. I love the idea of a homebirth and I had wanted one with my first but because I was considered at risk the hospital wouldn't allow it, which is a good job as I ended up very poorly after. I hope you get the birth you want x

  6. Toby was born in the midwife led unit at our local hospital but Gabe was born at home. I had similar reasons to you for wanting a home birth - my labour with Toby was quite quick and I was told to expect an even faster labour the second time so I didn't want to be heading to hospital in a panic. Also, with no family living nearby having a home birth meant I wouldn't need to worry as much about childcare for Toby. My mum and dad actually brought their caravan up and stayed about half an hour away for from 2 weeks before I was due in case we needed them but as it happened I went into labour in the evening, Gabe was born at 3:45 am and Toby slept through the whole thing! The best thing for me though wasn't actually giving birth at home, it was just that once it was over I was at home, with all my own things, my own bed and shower. If I was going to have another baby I would definitely have another home birth - I hope you manage to get the birth you want too.


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