Sunday 20 March 2016

First Birthday Box from My Baby's 1st

Finn turned one last month and having two older brothers made it very difficult to buy for him. As the boys are so close in age, there was never really a stage between them where we threw out toys they had outgrown and so everything Finn could possibly want or need, we seem to already have.  With that in mind, his birthday gifts were more token things, something to help his brothers understand that it was his special day, something for him to open and something that is all his, not handed down.

My Baby's 1st got in touch and offered us a First Birthday Box and it was the perfect gift for our little guy.  It contained some awesome leggings, a co-ordinated bib and a sweet little knitted dinosaur toy to follow the theme.  

Finn may not be particularly ahead in many areas, but if there is one way in which he excels, it is his roaring.  Show this kid a dinosaur and he immediately recognises it and roars back so you can imagine how much of a hit his new leggings and toy were!  Our house has been taken over by dinosaur things since the boys started showing a preference for toys and Finn is fitting in well by starting the interest in them so early!

For £25 you get a pair of Blade and Rose leggings and one of their bibs and a toy all beautifully wrapped in a box that is perfect for saving and storing first birthday cards or other keepsakes in.  We have had leggings from this brand before and they are one of our favourites, wonderfully stretchy, brilliantly bright and with a print on the bum that really stands out (especially if they have a big cloth bum underneath!)

My Baby's 1st have a great variety of gift boxes for all occasions from a new baby to a toddler's birthday, their bamboo gift set is gorgeous and a great present for an expectant mother.  I really love our box and it made a perfect gift for our baby boy's birthday.


  1. I can't believe he's one. It's gone so quickly! These little leggings are super cute.

  2. This is such a cute idea! Haven't seen Birthday boxes before x

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