Wednesday 30 March 2016

Fitting 6 in a 3 Bedroom Home

When we moved into our current house back in 2012, I was heavily pregnant with our second baby.  Our previous home was quickly being outgrown and we chose somewhere we could see our boys growing up, somewhere near the schools that we wanted, within walking distance from everything we needed and that fitted our family of soon to be four.  Archie was to be the final piece of our puzzle and we didn't want to have to think about moving.

Over three years there have been lots of twists in our story, an unexpected pregnancy that resulted in a third baby boy meant the bigger two boys had to start sharing a bedroom and a job change for me and redundancy for the bloke has seen us both start working from home.  Our long term house has quickly started to feel rather full and with a fourth baby on the way, I think our time here is coming to an end.  

We don't want the stress of moving whilst pregnant or even with a newborn, so we are going to find a way to make things work for a while whilst we make a plan for the future.  Our current set up has the two boys sharing a room and the baby's room doubling as an office, so we have to decide whether to lose our office and work from the dining room or have the three boys all in together for a couple of years - something not completely hard to imagine as they are all so close in age but busy all the same.

It is looking like bunk beds are definitely on the cards, something which the boys are incredibly happy about.  Dylan currently has a mid sleeper which he loves so I think a bunk bed will be really easy to get used to.  I love the idea of a fitted bedroom to help create more storage and space - this kids 'Cassia' option creates so many drawers and nooks around the bed that it would give the boys far more space to play if their stuff could be well stored.  

Downstairs, we are lucky that our house is quite well planned out with a long living room/playroom, a dining room and a box kitchen, so there is enough space for six of us to live, it is just the bedrooms that seem to be problematic.

It doesn't feel like long ago that I packed up Finn's 'baby bits' and in three months or so they will be coming back out again.  A play mat, bouncer and moses basket take up quite a bit of space in the living room so I think fitting six into a three bedroom house is going to be about being organised, tidy and finding the best storage solutions that we can.

Do you have any tips on squeezing us all in comfortably for a few years?


  1. Good luck - sounds a challenge! Bunk beds are so cool these days and not like the ones I shared with my Sister! Hope you find a solution xx

  2. Living in a two bed with a family of four (and it totally being the plan to have our third baby and stay in the same house...until we suddenly decided to move for other reasons), I found having decent living space is far more important than sleeping space. Like you, we were going to have three children sharing one room once the baby grew old enough to leave our room, they are all only 2 or 3 years apart so I think it works quite well whilst they are young.


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