Thursday 17 March 2016

Newborn Baby Wishlist

This is now my fourth baby and I have worked out what I really want and use, and what I don't.  Some of the things I thought were 'essentials' when I was pregnant with Dylan were never used and things I had never thought of became the bits I couldn't live without.

I am so excited to be carrying a baby girl this time, but I have found that for those very newborn purchases, most of the things I like are pretty unisex anyway.  I adore colour on babies, but I love a newborn in white still and whilst I am not anti - pink at all, I am not desperate to be surrounded by it either.

I have put together a little wishlist for when our baby girl arrives, just things for those first weeks, the newborn stage.

Newborn Baby Wishlist

ELIZABETH Tan / White Rainbow Sleepsuits Three Pack (0mths-2yrs) / Buy John Lewis Baby Safari Animals Print Dress, Teal | John Lewis / The Little Green Sheep / Snuz Crib Bedding Set Cloud Nine The Little Green Sheep / Playsuit romper / Hot Air Balloon Tula Baby Carrier / TotsBots Teenyfit V4 Treasure / Swoon motion / celebration bamboo swaddles / Choose a Bundle - Poddle Pod UK / bugaboo-donkey-duo-black-off-white-f.jpg (600×600) / Wine Maroon Wrap Sling

With a small age gap this time (16 months) I will be alternating between a double buggy and a sling and single.  I love the Bugaboo donkey as I can have a carrycot and still have Finn facing me and for a newborn I will use mostly a stretchy wrap.  I will be using my Snuzpod again whch got carefully stored away after Finn outgrew it and I love the new collection of bedding, especially the grey and yellow.

For first clothes, I love Next sleepsuits and these rainbows are top of my list. I have added in a beautiful muslin romper for those hot summer days and a little dress too - after all this is the first girl after three boys.

The poddle pod looks great for keeping baby snug, as do the swaddle muslins, and if baby isn't keen on being swaddled then I find you can never have enough muslins, the larger ones are perfect to use as sheets in the carrycot too.

I fancy a nice changing bag again and mine broke very recently.  After three babies I definitely prefer a less baby and more Mama style and this looks elegant and practical.

What would you put on a wishlist, is there anything essential I have forgotten about?


  1. Your wish list is very similar to mine, I love the Bugaboo donkey but don't need a double buggy, otherwise it would be top of my list. I picked up a PuddlePod at the baby fair on Sunday, it looks great, perfect for a newborn to snuggle into. xx

    1. I used to squeeze my v pillow into the snuzpod sometimes to help Finn feel secure but it wasn't safe for sleeping on his own so I would love to try something designed for it.

  2. The Snuzpod is on mine too! Along with the Silver Cross Wayfarer, A giraffe sleepsuit from JoJo Maman Bebe, the Angelcare movement sound and video monitor, a Tommee Tippee electric sterilizer and a Medela Swing breastpump.

    So far I've got nothing except clothes for baby bear!

  3. All gorgeous! You're making me want another baby :)

    Nadia - ScandiMummy x

  4. Love these, particularly the rainbows! as you know! I've had my eye on those next sleepsuits too, I really think that theirs are the best. We had the Babymoov and although amazing for a newborn, our little girl didn't like it after about 8 weeks - just as well as it broke and so did the replacement! Not a great gadget x

  5. I love white on babies too and am not a fan of pink, not that sickly pink anyway-I like bolder colours as the kids get older. I bet you have a lot of things you can use x


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