Tuesday 15 March 2016

What The Boys Wore - Pikku Online

Archie is my wild one, he craves freedom in every sense and that includes what he wears.  Whilst he owns jeans, he will always pick something more flexible, leggings, joggers or shorts are all favourites as they allow him to move and stretch constantly and comfortably.   His new found love of Scooting is emphasising this as he wants the comfort.

Pikku Online is a clothing boutique selling lots of brands we already know and love and a few that I hadn't heard of before. They sent Archie the most amazing combo, something I would never have chosen myself but am absolutely in love with and I am now researching their summer collection. Archie's 'dragon' joggers are lined in orange and are thick,warm and practical. I love the detailing on the bottom and it matches perfectly with the fun hood on the matching jumper.  Both items look great on their own but together they really stand out and we have so many compliments every time he wears it. We were also sent a simple light green long sleeved top bu GugGuu which is perfect for underneath, although the sizing isn't quite as generous.

Archie isn't one for posing but if you take enough photos you eventually get one that isn't blurry and I just love this outfit on him.

Finn was also sent something to wear from one of our trusted favourites,  Pigeon  Organics.  He may be 12 months now but comfort is still the most important thing with his clothing and I love this nautical romper for both day and nights. This is a 12-18 month size and it has a lot of growing space so I imagine it will last all summer. It looks perfect for days at the beach, something comfy for him to wear on the way home and I love that even on this bigger size there is an option for fold over feet so it can be a romper with shoes in the daytime and a sleep suit at night.  

The quality is fantastic, organic and the colours are beautiful. I love the simple style and the fact the traditional colours are mixed with a mustard yellow giving it a pop of colour that I love. 

Finn was gifted a beautiful airplane rattle too, but the novelty had worn off before the camera came out so my phone was the only thing that would keep him still! (babies are much easier to photograph when they can't crawl yet). We love knitted toys and I will definitely be keeping the rattle for bump as it is a perfect first toy. I can already picture the boys showing it to her.

Pikku online do a great collection of kids wear with a Scandinavian feel and a choice of organic brands too. I would recommend checking them out as their clothing starts with newborns and goes up to 6 years.

Thank you to Pikku for the boys' wonderful clothes, we are looking forward to plenty more adventures in them.


  1. Oh that romper is adorable! I love it :)

  2. Oh that romper is adorable! I love it :)

  3. Gosh they're so funky! We had the Pigeon suit for H when he was teeny and it was gorgeous :) xxx

  4. I've never heard of this boutique, love the outfits. The dragon joggers are fab!x #fkf

  5. Ps thank you for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday :) xx

  6. That dragon outfit is amazing! I love Pigeon Organics too and Finn looks very comfy in his romper. I've never heard of Pikku Online though, I'll have to go and have a look - somewhere else to spend all the money I don't have! #FunkyKidFriday


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