Saturday 5 March 2016

5 Months Pregnant

22 weeks pregnant, five months pregnant, second trimester, baby girl pregnancy
With 4 months left to go, I am finding that this middle section of pregnancy is going pretty fast.  The third trimester is still quite a way off, I don't feel that heaviness yet but I have enough of a bump that you can't put it down to too much cake anymore.  I feel far from glowing, but I don't feel nearly as bad as I did only a few weeks ago either.

My energy levels are balancing out and when I am sensible, I don't need a nap in the day.  By sensible, I mean not getting addicted to a new series on Netflix and staying up past when is sensible so that I am still tired in the morning.  Finn is really teething at the moment though, so sleep is really not something I am getting enough of and never in a long stretch like I am craving.  He turned one last week which I was hoping may be a magic cure but it is looking more likely that I have two babies up in the night come July.

My bump is growing much slower now, as the bloating decreases and the baby grows.  I had my 20 week scan on Valentines day and our little lady had a rather large tummy, a bit too large really.  I was sent for a GTT (gestational diabetes) test which thankfully came back negative, so I am seeing a consultant to discuss what this means and what happens now.  Other than that she seemed healthy and still no signs of anything between her legs.  I would be very shocked if I was to have a small baby anyway, but hopefully she evens out a bit more as it was just her tummy that was measuring ahead.

23 weeks pregnant, 5 months pregnancy, 4th baby bump, baby girl bump

This month I have noticed that my boobs have grown, something that happened not until the final weeks in my other pregnancies.  I am also always cold which is a bit of a shock after spending the past few winters with no coat as I was always warm.  I can't get enough layers and blankets on me now and I am starting to regret not buying a maternity coat at the beginning of winter.  I am considering investing in a maternity / babywearing one as it is so close to Spring now.

I used the Babycentre app with my last three bumps but I was getting dejavu every morning so now I am loving the Ovia app for its brilliant comparisons ( Britney is currently the size of a water bottle) and the Tesco weekly maternity calender as weekly is enough now really.  I am counting down to the 24 week viability point as that seems like the next milestone, although I don't want her making an appearance until at least the middle of June.

This month I finally started to feel some movement and I seem to have skipped the flutters and gone straight for little kicks.  I only really feel them when I am lying on my left eating chocolate in the evenings, but hopefully it will all become more regular now.  

My belly button has popped out now so that belly ring is tucked away for post-birth.  With every pregnancy it has been a few weeks earlier as my body remembers what to do! I am in nearly all maternity clothes with the exception of a few oversized jumpers and the long vests.  I always stock up on the Primark 'cami dresses' as they stretch so well they can accomodate even a full term bump and the length means even with a bump they can be worn as a top,  I have bought a few new maternity items and am using some from my previous pregnancies.  

It feels strange that I am already over the halfway mark and I am trying to enjoy pregnancy as much as I can, despite not always feeling great.

22 weeks pregnant, baby bump, 5 months pregnant, fourth baby bump, baby girl bump


  1. what a great update. You and bump look so lovely. Love what you are wearing. I am more cold than usual too! Have been since the start really. It's weird what pregnancy does too you isn't it? Good luck for the rest of 20 weeks! x

  2. You're looking amazing. I can't imagine being cold when pregnant - I spent my entire pregnancy with Piglet feeling so very hot

  3. You look stunning and I hope baby girl's tummy isn't causing any issues so you can have a nice straightforward rest of your pregnancy. I'm a freaking whale now at nearly 34 weeks, bump is measuring spot on but I think because of my SPD I'm like a lumbering old man haha xx

  4. You could be a flipping maternity clothes model right now - you look amazing! I can't believe how quickly it's going for both of us this time round.

  5. You look amazing! Time is flying! xx

  6. please take care because you are pregnant.

  7. You look amazing love your bump pictures. Can't wait to see your little girl join the family. :)


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