Tuesday 22 March 2016

Peugeot 308SW Review

We are a family that loves adventure and we need a car that can keep up with us.  With three under fives in the back seat and the fact that we always need a buggy with us as well as all the 'stuff' that comes with small children, we need a spacious car - one that we can fit in, travel in and snooze in (except the bloke of course, he has to stay awake!).

Peugeot loaned us a shiny new 308 SW to trial and the bloke was very excited to get behind the wheel.  It looks sporty and sleek and he was looking forward to testing out the parking camera - a little camera in the back so you can watch yourself reversing in real time on the screen rather than guessing how close you are to the car behind or listening for the beeps. (It even had guide lines to help you park in tight spaces)

peugeot 308sw

Our first impression was that the car had every gadget you could possibly want.  The sunroof was our favourite and it opened up completely meaning we could watch the sky and get so much light in.  It gave us the feel of a convertible with the warmth of a car (which we needed in February!).  The dashboard was interactive and there was nothing we couldn't do, from link up our phones via the bluetooth to play music to using the inbuilt sat nav.

Peugeot 308sw

The boot was incredibly spacious and we could fit in a large double pushchair along with a big shop with no problem.  We took the car for a birthday adventure to the zoo and loaded it up with everything we could possibly need with plenty of space.

peugeot 308sw

Unfortunately where the car let us down was the back seat.  We couldn't comfortably fit three car seats in it, and the only way to shut the door was to really use our bodies to push the seats closer together, even then the door barely shut.  We currently use one infant car seat, one extended reat facing seat with isofix and one high backed booster.  We also found that Archie had to be forward facing as there wasn't enough room to have him rear facing.  The bloke was able to drive, but he wouldn't do longer than 30 minutes as with a car seat behind him, he couldn't get his seat far back enough to reach the peddles comfortably. He is around 6 foot so neither particularly short or tall for a man.  

With that in mind, I would say that this car is suitable more for families with two children.  If I could change one thing it would be to make the back seat slightly wider and longer so that there was space for three children.  

peugeot 308sw

The 308 was so smooth to drive, the steering felt light and the steering wheel was smaller than we are used to which was more comfortable.  Everything was easy to use from the 'start' button to start the engine and the large display 'i-cockpit' to help control all the little things.

Overall we loved the car, but it wasn't suitable for our young family as I am very particular about car seat safety and having the right seats for the children and they just didn't fit into the back seat.  You can find out more technical imformation over on the Peugeot website

We were loaned a car for the purpose of this review but received no compensation.  
All thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. That car looks lovely BUT the car seats is definitely an issue. It doesn't sound safe BUT the kids look cute in the boot - maybe they could just travel like that ;) x

  2. Too bad..But for the car seat issue, it would have been a nice family car

  3. We've decided that we are going to get the 5008 as it has 3 proper seats in the back. Good to hear you liked Peugeot other than that though as Mr F is unsure having never driven one. x


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