Monday 29 February 2016

Me and Mine February

It was 5pm yesterday when I realised that we hadn't taken our monthly photo yet.  The sun was disappearing, the sky darkening, the children tired and there was no time to go anywhere.  I take plenty of pictures outside our house, but I must have looked stranger than usual setting up the tripod right outside our gate and grabbing the children for a quick photo.  They weren't in the mood (especially Archie who had just woken up) and we only managed two shots before they ran back inside so there wasn't much to choose from!

I blame February for being shorter than the other months, but really this photo sums up our month.  Everything was a little last minute, from planning Archie's birthday adventure once we were already in the car to icing Finn's birthday cake as the guests were arriving at his party.  Sometimes life with three is hectic, well most of the time really but we always get there in the end.

February means birthdays for the youngest two, Archie celebrated reaching three and a week later Finn turned one with a big party for them both in the middle.  We had our twenty week scan, a gestational diabetes test and a referral to a consultant because of baby's large size and we also had half term, the busyness of day to day life and everything in between.  Here is our family as February comes to an end 

Mummy is loving seeing her baby girl on the sonographer's screen again, watching Finn learn so many new things all of a sudden, looking at Timehop every morning and getting caught up in the memories of life with a newborn and the rather large baby related spending spree she has been on.

Daddy is loving having a new car on loan for a week, a birthday day out for Archie's big day, playing roaring games with Finn and having naps whilst he is working from home.

Dylan is loving learning about Dinosaurs this half term at school, sharing grapes with Finn (eating half of each one and then passing it to his brother to finish), going to the cinema and birthday cake.

Archie loved having his birthday and opening each present to tell us what he had 'won'.  He is loving zooming everywhere on his scooter, playing with his new Blaze monster truck toys and having Dylan at home over half term.

Finn is loving roaring like a dinosaur, turning the xbox on and off (mostly whilst it is in use), waving at everyone and eating his dairy and egg free robot cake.


  1. BECKY YOUR HAIR. You look all windswept and amazing. This is actually a super gorgeous picture - sometimes the spontaneous ones are the nicest.

  2. Oh I think it's a lovely photo - it's real family life at its best - and I did have a giggle at Finn making a beeline for the Xbox - he and Pip would get on like a house on fire!

  3. what a fantastic idea to take a monthly pic x


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