Saturday 20 February 2016

Chewy's Adventure

Archie's birthday fell slap bang in the middle of half term and we used it as an excuse to get out as a family and have an adventure.  There is a local wildlife park that seemed the perfect venue as the sun was shining and we had such a good day we ended our day by upgrading our tickets to annual passes.  Finn was sent 'Chewy', a teething toy from the people behind Cheeky Chompers bibs and it was the perfect toy to keep him entertained as he isn't as delighted by the animals as his brothers.

cheeky chompers, chewy toy

The park has a great variety of animals and is big enough to make a great day out but small enough that it isn't too much for little legs.  Finn spent most of the walk round in his buggy and he alternated between watching the animals and playing with his toy and he loved the fact it had handles as well as apparently tasting good!  It had a handy strap for attaching it to the buggy which was rather useful as the park was pretty muddy!

I love the fact that there are animals roaming the park or in areas that we can walk through, partly as they seem more free and partly as it is much easier to take photos without glass or bars in the way!  Dylan wasn't nearly as keen and much preferred the big cats and reptiles that were safely seperated from us.  Archie loved pretty much everything, especially the penguins (which made the bloke very happy!).  Finn seemed transfixed by the glorious peacock that was proudly showing us his feathers.

flamingos, wingham wildlife park

peacock, wingham wildlife park

I think one of the highlights for the boys was the ride on trucks, although Archie's little legs couldn't always keep the pedal down so Daddy had to join him.  Finn fell asleep clasping his chewy at this point, adventures are exhausting for little people!

wingham wildlife park, monster go carts

I think we must have picked the busiest day of the week but even so there was plenty of space and the day was cold but without the wind that makes you uncomfortable.  All boots and outer layers had to be removed before the boys got in their car seats as the park at the end of the day made everything a little brown and all three boys fell asleep on the twenty minute journey home! 

peugeot 308sw

We loved bringing Chewy on our adventure and I am sure he will be coming along for many more.  Finn only has two teeth at the moment so I think he will be teething for many months to come! 

Disclaimer : In collaboration with Cheeky Chompers


  1. So cute babies. Your family is very funny.

  2. such a cute baby. ummah love you

  3. What a lovely day out! The chewy toy is cute and I love the rainbow mitts too.

  4. What a fun day out for the boys! Chewy is so cute too :)


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