Tuesday 9 February 2016

What the Boys Wore - Muddy Puddles

At 2 years and 11 months old, the little things are often the biggest and the smallest pleasures are usually the most fun.  Everything is an adventure, anything can be climbed and the world is full of endless possibilities.

No puddle is too deep or too muddy and there is nothing you can't scoot through if you are in the right gear.  My little adventurer has energy that appears from nowhere when he spots water on the floor and we have found the perfect puddle spot in our local park - it is always the first to fill up and drains so slowly that we can almost guarantee some splashy fun most of the year.  Our favourite puddle (because I am sure everyone has a favourite puddle?) is about 5 metres long on a good day, not too deep that the water comes over your boots, but deep enough to make kicking, jumping and splashing pretty fun.

toddler, puddle splashing, muddy puddles waterproofs, waterproof all in one

Muddy puddles sent Archie an amazing splash suit that is in two parts.  The waterproof outer layer that you can see which has an awesome pixie hood, and the fleece inner part that can be unpoppered and removed in spring and autumn (and worn seperately) or worn underneath in winter to make a full body coat.  His boots were also from Muddy Puddles and satisfy my love of all things clouds as well as looking bright and brilliant when covered in mud.

muddy puddles, muddy puddles wellies, yellow welly boots

We popped to the park last week and had fun in our puddle, squelching through the mud and of course flinging our feet high in the swings.  Archie was lovely and warm with only basic clothing underneath and he stayed dry and cosy.  The lined hood doubled as a hat when the wind got going and I love the pointy top!

The suit is waterproof, windproof and machine washable at 30 degrees.  The fleece layer works perfectly as a onesie indoors or out and the versatility means this is something that will last all year round.  The bigger sizes have stirrups under the feet to stop them riding up and the smaller sizes have turnover hands and feet to really bundle the baby up - I will be looking for one next winter as it will be ideal for the new baby in the sling as she watches her brothers running round the park in the winter.

I am really impressed with the quality, durability and flexibility and the print is unisex, weather related and bright.  The 3 in one scamp suit is currently £59.99 and the wellies are £20.  

2 year old swinging, muddy puddles, waterproofs for kids

Are we the only ones with a favourite puddle?  Please tell me this is normal!


  1. He is so well kitted out for puddle jumping! Such a gorgeous boy! x

  2. We definitely have a favourite puddle by the corner of the sensory garden - Pip charged straight in the other day without waiting for waterproofs or wellies, he was utterly soaked but very happy!! This looks like a fabulous set, I do like the clouds on the wellies, they're very apt!!


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