Tuesday 23 February 2016

Playmobil Eggs

Easter isn't far off and we were sent these chocolate alternatives from Playmobil for the big two boys.  The yellow egg contained a zookeeper with an alpaca and the red egg had a footballer with a goal in.  The boys loved the surprise of seeing what was inside, although the back of the box does have a picture of the inside toy.

The zookeeper was ready to play and the footballer took just seconds to put together.  They loved practicing scoring goals with the footballer and the zookeeper got taken straight off to join some of their other Playmobil toys.  They are a lovely gift but they are much better if you have a good set that they can go into as each egg contains a simple toy.

The eggs currently cost £6.99 each and make a great alternative to chocolate - something we need to think about with Finn, although he is far too small for these.  We would love to see a junior version with the 1,2,3 range as well, currently they are 4 choices all aimed at 3-10 year olds

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  1. These look a great gift and alternative for Easter too - we are always bombarded with chocolate so I try to buy A something different xx

  2. What a lovely alternative to chocolate! Xx

  3. These are great, I'm always looking for alternative gifts, my boy gets too much chocolate and he doesn't even really like it!! x

  4. My kids would love these, in fact they love anything in a egg! I think it's the surprise, so it is a shame they put a picture on the box - I think just a theme would be enough!

  5. These look great but I don't like how Easter is becoming a second Christmas. My sister has demanded Disney Infinity figures for her kids instead of an Easter egg. Those things are £25!

  6. these look like a great gift for Easter - better than crappy Kinder!

  7. My comment didn't go through yesterday! These look fab, my surprise egg obsessed two year old will love these. xo

  8. Oh wow!! We love their advent calendars but these Easter egg alternatives are a brilliant idea

  9. What a great idea. I love alternate Easter eggs and these look perfect for little ones x


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