Friday 19 February 2016

My Maternity Style - BonPrix

This is my fourth baby and I think I have definitely worked out my maternity style.  I know I grow big quickly and that many maternity tops won't last me past thirty weeks.  I know I feel more body confident when pregnant than at any other time and I know that with three little ones already, comfort and practicality is key.

My staples are skinny fit maternity jeans, long vests and bodycon dresses for anything special.  I love showing off my new curves (once I get past the  'too much cake or baby bump' phase) and that is a good thing as by about 15 weeks it is pretty hard to hide!

BonPrix asked me to take part in a style challenge and I couldn't resist trying some of their over bump jeans.  I tend to go for under bump as I have had problems before when my belly got a bit too big for the band but I find the lower band means I am constantly pulling them up.  These jeans seem to have plenty of stretch in the band and are really comfortable at the moment.  I went for my usual size, despite reading that they come up small and I am glad I did as they fit well.

I paired them with a plain vest and an off the shoulder non-maternity top that is a couple of sizes bigger than I normally wear.  The top is super stretchy so it lasts for ages too. The brown bracelet is also from BonPrix and the necklace is a teething necklace from Blue Brontide.  Comfy shoes are a must and I live in these Blackfox boots - they are actually as waterproof as wellies although you would never know it to look at them and have a faux sheepskin inner.  They are perfect for impromptu trips to the park, puddle jumping and the school run

This is pretty much my everyday look at the moment, slight shade variations on the jeans and tops but always casual and comfy.


  1. Lovely outfits. All I can remember being able to buy when I was pregnant was either "tents" or huge dungarees - shows how old I am! You look great!

  2. You look amazing! You really know what suits you. I didn't really do maternity clothes the last couple of times, just kind of frumped around. So I'm discovering a whole new world this time! I'm with you on the body confidence. I love my body most when I'm pregnant.

  3. Love your baby bump style, very cute and I love how you tied up the dress too, helps keep you cooler I’m sure


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