Wednesday 25 June 2014

Dylan at 34 Months

34 months, toddler development, toddler diaries
Whilst I still write monthly about Archie, I have never documented Dylan in the same way.  I never managed weekly, monthly or even quarterly posts, but sporadically write about where he is at.  At 34 months, he is racing towards 3 and from September he will be considered a pre-schooler (which is a pretty scary fact!).  For now though, he is my baby boy, and at 2 years and 10 months he is leaving behind the toddler traits.

34 months old, toddler development, Ramsgate beach, the mummy adventure

You would never guess to meet him that my baby boy is only two.  He has a confidence which doesn't come from me, and appears to not have a shy bone in his body.  He is inquisistive, curious and constantly wanting to know what is happenening (and what is for his next meal).  He stands tall at one metre and we have started buying clothes in age 4-5 to account for his size.  His feet have shot up to a nine and his shoes are discarded with little wear as he grows so fast.

Dylan is becoming more independent every day, insisting on choosing his own pants every morning, getting himself dressed and making little decisions which were always mine before.  He knows what he wants but thankfully he can still be easily convinced otherwise.

He seems to grow in fits and starts and whilst he always eats well, there are days that I wonder where he fits it all in.  I catch a glimpse of what life will be like with two teenage boys and I think I should start saving now!  Fruit is the firm favourite, and he will eat as much as he can get his hands on. 

(yes, Daddy did dress him this day)

Many of his friends are already at nursery and he cannot wait to go.  We have been telling him that he needs to be three first, so he keeps asking if it is August yet so that he can eat cake and go with his friends.  We have already booked him into a local pre-school and I have no doubts that he will fit in just fine.

Dylan is a complete chatterbox, and always has something to say, even if he just repeats a sentence in many different formats.  He seeks out older children to play with as he isn't content just talking, he wants to have a conversation.  He is a bright boy and loves learning to read and pointing out letters, numbers and words that he recognises as we are out.

He loves being outdoors, but isn't as physical as other children.  He isn't bothered by climbing and retreats to the buggy at any opportunity.  He walks slowly, inspecting every leaf, stone and snail along the way and will happily sit in the sand for hours building sandcastles and 'cooking' with the sand.

At 34 months his imagination astounds me and he loves playing pretend.  He jumps around the garden with friends getting on and off 'trains' to Legoland and when he isn't eating actual food, he is enjoying make believe meals.

At 34 months Dylan is at an incredible age.  Every day is different, and he is constantly wanting to go on 'an adventure'.  He is becoming an independent little boy, ready for the next stage, even if I am not convinced that I am.

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