Tuesday 17 June 2014

Sleeping Like a Baby

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Whoever coined the phrase 'sleeping like a baby' clearly never had one.  Archie turns 16 months today and there are still nights I find myself wandering into his room in a daze thanks to his insistence that he needs a little 4am cuddle.  More often than not he now manages a good 12 or 13 hours uninterrupted but not enough for me to consider him 'sleeping through' just yet.

Bambino Merino make gorgeously soft baby and toddler sleeping bags and they sent us one of their baby ones (which goes from 2 to 24 months) for Archie.  It arrived beautifully packaged and I love the Ruby colour we had chosen.  The blue and red stripes looked great and went well with Archie's colourful sleepsuits.

merino wool, merino sleeping bag, bambino merino

Whilst these sleeping bags cost much more than any we have purchased at £59.95, I can really see their worth.  Not only do they last much longer (we have previously bought 3-6 months, 6-12 month and 12-24 months whereas this size covers all three), but they are suitable all year thanks to the merino wool layer which naturally regulates baby's body temperature.  

We have so far used it only in the spring months, but it has worked in the colder May weeks with a sleepsuit underneath, and in the warmer June weeks with just a vest.  I can see us using it throughout the summer with just a nappy too as Archie likes the security of covers.  They are designed for room temperatures between 17 and 27 degrees and come with a handy layering guide.  The fine merino layer draws excess moisture away from the body in warm rooms and conversely ‘envelopes’ baby in an insulating thermal layer in cooler rooms

bambino merino, all tog sleeping bag, merino sleeping bag

The sleeping bag feels really spacious and Archie has plenty of space to grow.  There are poppers around the arm holes to make it suitable and safe for a younger baby.

Being merino wool, it does need looking after and we have had to invest in some liquid wool detergent for the wool cycle.  It does naturally deter bacteria and resist odours though and so it doesn't need washing nearly as often as other sleeping bags.  

Overall, we really rate this product.  It is an investment, but overall it is worth it if you consider how much all the other sleeping bags would cost.  I love that they do a toddler version too from 2-4 years as many children do continue wanting a sleeping bag past 2 years.  Archie has definitely been sleeping better since it arrived and we are looking forward to seeing how it fares in the summer and winter. Archie was unimpressed at any attempt to take a photo of him in the bag sadly.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this sleeping bag for the purpose of this review
 but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. It looks a really good product !

  2. I love these sleeping bag things, iv had them for both my kids, cant fault them in any way really.

  3. these are too cute! and love the color!

  4. We reviewed one of these when T was tiny and it seemed far too big. Now at a year the sleeping bag doesn;t seem as massively huge! x

  5. Wow i'm not sure i could justify £59.95 on a sleeping bag. May have to shop around to see if i can get Merino ones cheaper or get Merino fabric and make my own.

  6. Very cute - I love the little lamb on it!

  7. This is so lovely, thanks for the review!:) xx

  8. Nice to see what people recommend, You cant put a price on a good nights sleep!


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