Friday 20 June 2014

Time Away

It isn't very often I have time away from my boys, and this month we left the children overnight for the first time with my parents when we went to a gig in London.  This week, I seem to be spending more time away than I am with my family and after being a stay at home mum for so long, there for every moment, every early morning and every kiss goodnight, it seems a bit strange.

For the first time I have missed two bedtimes in a row, two bedtime stories, four sleepy cuddles.  A meeting up in Glasgow meant flying up the night before and not seeing my babies for nearly 48 hours.  This weekend I will be joining the blogger crowds at Britmums Live for another two nights without my favourite people.

It isn't all bad, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to some time away.  Being something else than 'Mummy', having a bed to myself with an alarm that isn't quite so unpredictable (and that sounds a lot less like a child) and having the chance to miss them and appreciate them all the more on my return.

My two days away during the week made me value our day together so much more and I know the cuddles on Sunday when I return will be priceless.  I know I will miss my beautiful boys and that they will miss me, but sometimes time away is needed.

How do you feel about time away, do you get it often? 


  1. My lo is almost a year and we've only been apart from him once a month maybe for a date night. Wed love to go away for a few nights but have no family near or willing to babysit. Time away is so important and really revives you. Enjoy the conference!

  2. I very rarely spend time away from my kids my youngest is still breast feeding but now the older two are getting to more of an age where I feel comfortable letting them go for a day and they love it the independence is great for them and it's lovely when they come back and tell me all about what they've been up too.

  3. It's so odd, my work has taken me away from mine, and as I went back to work after 6 mths both times it's been a way of life. When I am having a tough time at work I resent so much being away from my family, but all the time, I love so much the drive home knowing I will be home for their bedtime story (the condition of any overnight). It is so good to become 'an adult' for that period of time, and always makes you appreciate home. It looks as though you're definitely able to make sure you have the best of both- long may it continue!

  4. I was really trying to work out if I'd ever spent a night away from Cherry the other night, I'm sure I have but I can't think where it would have been so came to the conclusion I hadn't. I was all prepared to stay away from them both for the first time last week for my operation but they let me home the same day in the end so I didn't need to. I think it's great to have some time away though, it's helps to evaluate things and come back feeling fresh. My first time will prob be at the mads in Sept, I can't wait! x


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