Monday 23 June 2014

16 Months Old

16 months, toddler development, end of breastfeeding
Archie is no longer 'just turned one', and he seems to be racing towards the next chapter with speed.  There is no denying he has entered the toddler stage and he is challenging, cuddly, always up to mischief and has the cheekiest grin I have ever seen.

He is learning more words although the most over used is still water which he seems to ask for every twenty minutes.  He certainly knows how to communicate and if you don't want half his dinner all over the carpet then you grab his bowl as soon as you hear him saying 'all done'.  Unfortunately one of the only words he doesn't seem to really grasp is 'no' - in fact he may start thinking it is part of his name as we are often heard shouting 'Archie, NO!' as he prods his brother/turns the TV off/tries to climb into the oven/ throws books down the stairs.  After a calm first child, Archie is making up for it.

16 months old, 16 month old boy, baby boy, toddler development, end of breastfeeding

That said, he can play so nicely when he wants too, spend hours brumming cars and trains around and he would spend all day with the shape sorter if we let him.  A big grin appears on his face when he finds it, and he toddles over, plonks himself in my lap and asks for more.  This is by far the most used toy we have ever owned.  Dylan played with it obsessively, all our visitors love it and it is now Archie's most prized possession.

Archie still has eight teeth, and his hair has gotten so long that a cut is inevitable, although I am reluctant to get rid of those beautiful curls in the nape of his neck.  I know it will grow back straight so I am holding out for as long as I can.  We recently went for a routine check with the health visitor where they expressed concerns about his growth.  He has dropped several percentile lines for his height since we last had him measured 4 months ago.  He is still above the fiftieth line and his weight and height are now perfectly proportioned so I think he was just evening out.  He spent the first year on the 98th percentile line though, so it is a bit of a drop.

Archie loves being outdoors, driving his Little Tikes car backwards round the garden, going down the slide repeatedly at the park, letting the sand fall through his hands at the beach and toddling along on the pavement when we let him out of the buggy.  He still brings me shoes all morning until I get the hint and claps when I open the front door.  He would play out from dawn to dusk if he had his way and that is pretty much our plans for the summer.  With the beach on our doorstep it seems silly not to make the most of it.

Dylan and Archie can be the best of friends but they also know how to wind each other up.  Archie will turn the TV off as soon as Dylan shows an interest in it, and interrupt a game as soon as he is stuck in.  Dylan gives as good as he gets and they are brothers as I know brothers to be.  When they do play together, there is nothing quite like seeing them both in fits of giggles, sharing and enjoying each other's company and I know their relationship will constantly change as they grow.

This month our breastfeeding journey came to an end, almost unintentionally.  I knew the end was close as I was starting to feel ready to stop, but missing a feed combined with two nights of sleeping through gave me the option to roll with it or fight back and we decided that it would be the end.  I didn't know it would be my last feed when it was, and I really miss it, but in some ways it is lovely too.  Archie never seemed bothered which made it easy too.


  1. Bothers are acce. With my two they either play really well or fight, no happy medium. Your boys are adorable

  2. Aww, I love your pics! He's gorgeous :) I would celebrate every day that passes between now and when he learns to say NO! It is the seventh circle of hell ;P and yeah, like you...I too believe that it's learned from us! I love this stage where they parallel play, you've made me all nostalgic xx

  3. Lovely pics. It's amazing at this age how quickly everything starts moving and developing. Then again, I guess the same can be said for those first three years. :)

  4. I totally envy your beach! I cannot believe he is 16 months already, where has it gone?! So nice to catch up briefly at BritMums, I'm sure our paths will cross again soon x

  5. What a sweet looking kid. Looks like a great beach too.

  6. Hey lovely - cannot believe he is 16 months! Still always remember the MADS Legoland day out when he was a dot! lol x Was really lovely catching up with you a the weekend, hope you had a fab time at Britmums xxx


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