Sunday 1 June 2014

Playing Outdoors with Megablocks

I have noticed a direct correlation between how much of the day my children spend outdoors, and how well they sleep.  They are boys who love to be outside, who thrive on freedom, space and fresh air.  From the moment they wake up in the morning, Dylan is asking me where we are going, and Archie is making a pile of shoes at my feet in, letting me know in his not-so-subtle way that he is ready to get out.

Megabloks sent us some of their outdoor toys to help us get out to play and they were a huge hit with the boys.  I hadn't realised that the Megabloks range went further than the blocks we know and love, but their ride ons and trucks helped us take the toys outdoors and we have been having lots of fun in the garden.

The ride-on Jeep was a hit with both the boys, and has barely been left alone since we first revealed it.  The seat lifts up to reveal a hiding place for your megabloks and I was really impressed that the Jeep comes ready to go with batteries included.  The steering wheel has buttons that make a variety of noises and Dylan made up his own dance to the music.  Dylan whizzed round the garden on this but Archie struggled to move it from sitting, and instead chose to push it round using the handle on the back.

We took a big bag of 60 megabloks pieces outside too and had lots of fun building towers (and then crashing the jeep into them), and sorting them by colour and size too.  Archie is quite into building things so he enjoyed practicing his motor skills.

The John Deere dumper truck was another success and came complete with bloks in the back as well.  I had two extra toddlers for the day last week and this dumper truck was never left alone.  It was used to transport all sorts around the garden, and the two eldest spent as least thirty minutes trying to fill it with water.  It does have a hole in so it isn't possible, but it was very clean by the end!

It was great watching the boys enjoy their toys in new ways, and it was even better when I sat down for an hour and a half whilst all four toddlers enjoyed a nice nap together!  Even in a small garden, these are great garden toys and we couldn't fault them.  Four seals of approval from four toddler testers.

Disclaimer:  We were sent a selection of Megabloks toys for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts, opinions and photographs are completely my own.


  1. Love a bit of megablocks fun! Love that tractor too - My LG would go crazy for that! xx

  2. Wow we love our Megabloks but I had no idea they did the outdoor ride ons, I am off to check out for Deacon's 1st birthday

  3. Memo to self - Must buy some more Megabloks for my grandson's third birthday. What fun!

  4. I had no idea that Mega Bloks did outdoor toys either - That Jeep looks amazing! x


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