Wednesday 5 February 2014

Two and a Half

It has been two and a half years since I held my first newborn baby in my arms and this busy toddler has come so far in such a short time.  At two and a half, Dylan is a unique little boy, with a smile that melts my heart, eyes that sparkle as he is having fun and a heart of gold.

At two and a half, Dylan is a chatterbox, stopping only to eat and sleep.  He talks all day long, narrating his life, asking questions and learning about his environment.  We haven't yet got the 'why' but I think we have every other question under the sun.  

At two and a half, Dylan is desperate to learn and he takes everything in.  He can recite his numbers, but he can also count groups of items.  He can read his numbers and all of his letters and loves to sound out road signs whilst we are out walking.  He is still as obsessed with shapes as ever, and when we are out he is constantly telling me about the circle drain covers, the rectangular letter boxes and the square paving stones, noticing things that would pass me by completely.

Winter has brought rain, but he has finally learnt to jump and puddles are the most exciting thing at two and a half.  We go for walks in our wellies to seek out the biggest and best puddles and often come home with boots full of water.  Still in a pushchair sometimes, Dylan is walking further and further, although his pace is rather on the slow side and we do have to leave three times as long to get anywhere.

At two and a half Dylan still needs a lot of sleep and still has a daytime nap as well as sleeping from half 7 until 8am.  He is in his big boy bed with a duvet but we haven't introduced a pillow yet as he still sleeps in that baby position on his tummy with his bum in the air and his ankles crossed.

At two and a half, Dylan is still much taller than his peers and comfortably wears aged 3-4 clothes.  He hasn't put on a single pound in the last 12 months but is still above the 91st centile, and is growing upwards at quite a rate.  His hair seems to be growing just as fast but I can't bring myself to get rid of the adorable dark blonde locks.  He has a trim every few weeks but I just love it long.

With two back teeth still to materialise, Dylan is still dribbling and teething, but I can see an end in sight (for one child anyway).  

At two and a half, Dylan is a thinker, choosing puzzles and pretend play over anything else.  He can sit for hours doing his stack of puzzles and he will happily chill out with some books too, reading aloud and starting every single page with 'once upon a time'.  He makes cups of tea and brings me bananas, bagels and yoghurt throughout the day.  

At two and a half, Dylan has been a big brother for nearly a year and he is fantastic.  They are brothers and of course they have their moments, but they sit and giggle together in the most perfect way, they play peekaboo and chase each other round and Dylan checks on Archie constantly.

At two and a half Dylan is cheeky, hilarious and inquisitive.  He is loving, he thinks everyone is his friend, he is innocent and he is still my baby.  He has his own ideas, his own mannerisms, his own preferences and a little personality that you can't help but fall in love with.  His aspirations include being a pirate and a daddy, and he would spend all day eating given half the chance. His favourite place to go is the coffee shop, as he knows he might get a babyccino and a biscuit and Mummy cuddles still solve everything.

My beautiful boy, my two and a half year old. 

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  1. Doesn't it go by way too fast. Our tots are a month apart I think so I know how you feel. I can't believe it. He is so adorable and looks like he is so much fun, smiles and all. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing. Wish my tot loved the camera this much! Those cheeky grins I love them.


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