Sunday 16 February 2014

Before You Turn One

One year and nine and a half months ago, on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, the bloke and I sat in KFC, a sleeping eight month old beside us in the pushchair and made the decision that we had the space in our hearts and lives to welcome another little baby.  We decided that Dylan would make a wonderful big brother, and we dreamed up a little brother or sister for him.

One year and seven months ago, after a play-date with a friend which left me so tired, I had to ask my mum to look after Dylan whilst I had an afternoon nap.  Later that evening, after a knowing look from her, I took a test and discovered there was a little person growing inside of me, a little squish.

One year and six months ago, the bloke and I nervously sat in the hospital waiting room, whilst Dylan and my mum enjoyed a slice of cake together in the cafe.  We were taken into a dark room, and it was seconds before we saw a beautiful little heartbeat flickering away on the screen - we saw you for the first time.

One year and five and a half months ago, it felt like there was a little butterfly trapped inside my tummy, I felt flutterings, that made me feel so nervous and so excited at the same time.  I lay down with my eyes closed, tuning into your movements, wondering what you would look like, whether you were a little boy like I thought.

One year ago today, I worked my last shift at work before embarking on maternity leave.  It was a long day but my body was coping well and I had no signs that your arrival was imminent.  I waitressed all day and then walked three miles home, enjoying the beautiful sunset and the crisp winter evening.

One year ago tomorrow, I held you for the first time, my tiny newborn baby, my little squish.  I delivered you in a perfect water birth, saw your beautiful big blue eyes, your tiny curled up fists and fell even more in love with you than I already was

51 weeks ago, you finally found your name, and we agreed that you were our little Archie.

Tomorrow marks a whole year since your birth, a year of moments, milestones and memories.  Tomorrow is your first birthday, and much like I wrote your big brother a letter on the eve of his special day, I find myself writing one for you, Archie.  Somehow a year has passed and to say it has been quick is an understatement.  Your first few months were spent curled up on my tummy, snoozing in a sling or feeding whilst I chased a toddler round, and then out of nowhere this cheeky little boy emerged.  A little monkey with a mission, you want to see and touch everything, especially if it has been put out of your reach.

You may not be as loud as your brother, but we know you are around, you chat to us in your own special way, you follow me around the house on your hands and knees and you squeal in excitement when Dylan wants to play chase with you.  You charm everyone around you with your cheeky smile, those gorgeous blue eyes and your beautiful blonde hair, that has a will of its own.

You are a mummy's boy through and through and whilst you will happily go to anyone, and are confident in new situations and with new people, you will always come back to me for a cuddle, holding on so tight to let me know you need me.  

You are so different to your brother in every single way, wanting to show us from the very beginning that you are an individual, unique and with your own distinct personality.  You are stubborn, determined, curious and cuddly.  You sleep only because you have to and eat as often as you can (preferably from the floor).  You love a challenge, and it won't be long before you are running around with the bigger children that you watch so desperate to join in.

Archie you are my baby, my beautiful baby, but you are growing up before my very eyes,  Before you have even turned one, you have changed our lives in every single way, and each one is for the best.  

Before you turn one, as I kiss you goodnight for the last time as my nought year old, I just want you to know how truly loved you are.

Sleep tight my beautiful boy, for tomorrow is a big day

All my love,




  1. Absolutely beautiful x
    You had me reminiscing about my boys, and then falling in love with Archie.
    It is so wonderful to read how much love and happiness he has added to your family. xx

  2. I love how this is written, very cute! Time flies doesn't it? Happy Birthday Archie!

  3. Oh Becky this is beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes!

  4. Aw how cute is this post, love it! xx

  5. Happy Birthday to Archie! Can't believe they are one! x

  6. Awwww happy birthday little dude!

  7. What a lovely letter. But I just can't believe a year has gone by so fast. It's funny how all these second babies seem to be big fans of mummy. My little miss is SUCH a mummy's girl!
    I think with second babies that first birthday seems to fly round so much faster, and they seem so much younger too. Archie seems a bit like that. I remember when you had Dylan's party and he seemed such a big boy, Archie is still such a bubba. x

  8. Such a lovely post - I get so much pleasure myself from reading of the joy other mums have in their kids. Quite often it's moans you read about! ;) All the best and long may it last!


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