Monday 17 February 2014

Hive Active Heating

We are a family that likes to be outdoors, and we are not letting the recent bad weather stop us. Waterproofs and wellies hang by the door ready, and puddle jumping is our favourite winter activity (well after cake eating of course)

  Dylan is in his element and whilst he hates the wind, he is not afraid of a little rain, and it certainly doesn't get in the way of outings to the park, and trips to the town.  It is on the way home though, after a cold and wet day, that I would love to have Hive Active Heating installed, a new heating control that is activated through your mobile phone!

Wouldn't it be great, whilst you are out capturing that cheeky look on your toddler's face as they completely soak a passing stranger with their antics, to be able to change from phone camera to phone app and start heating the house ready to dry your clothes.  I would have our onesies hanging on the radiators ready, so that we could do a quick changeover and get straight into warm clean clothes when we get in.  The only improvement I would like, is if it could boil the kettle and make me a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows too!

The Hive costs £199 to install but in theory that money could be saved in one year as the app, available on phone, tablet and laptops means you can put the heating and hot water on just when you need it rather than using a standard timer for each day.  It would also be ideal for holidays too as nobody wants to come home to a cold house after a week away!

For us though, the draw would definitely be those cold winter days, where your nose is red, and your hands frozen to the handle of the pram.  The baby wrapped up in a footmuff, snowsuit and everything else, the toddler running around jumping in every puddle he can find, even though the water is splashing up to his armpits, and the knowledge that you will be greeted by a warm house and dry clothes as you walk through the front door.  It is priceless.

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