Sunday 9 February 2014

Change- SP

As we entered the year which will see me turning 27, see the bloke celebrating his 30th birthday and which we will spend with our two beautiful children, I have been thinking about change.  About changes I have made.

Four years ago I would never have dreamed that at 26 I would be a mother of two,spending my days chasing my son around the park, making playdough seats for lego men and stacking cups twenty times in a row just to see that cheeky smile as the littlest one sends them tumbling.  Four years ago I couldn't imagine a Saturday night spent watching X-factor and trying to pick the photo that best captures the sparkle in my son's eyes ready for a blog post.  

My job title has changed, my focus, my reason to get up in the morning.  My hair is tied back more often to protect it from yoghurty hands and my jewellery is safely away in a box to keep little fingers from ripping it off.  My bank statement features fewer shoes and more soft play and top of my wishlist is no longer a designer handbag but a full night's uninterrupted sleep.

In many ways though, I haven't changed.  I still dress the same way, have a shoe collection to rival many high street stores, eat far more junk food than is good for me and love drinking ice cold cider in a sunny beer garden.  

Parenthood has changed my life in so many ways but I like to think I am still the same person, just with different priorities.  I have tried to maintain a sense of 'me', the one that existed for 23 years before I became a mother, the one the bloke met and fell in love with.  I make an effort with what I wear, putting a little make up on in the morning and doing the things that make me feel human after umpteen night feeds.

I rarely spend money on myself but was lucky enough to be offered a treat thanks to Barclaycard's new website Bespoke Offers.  With offers for all sorts, from toys, to fashion to hotel stays, I couldn't resist the temptation to choose something for myself, something the pre-baby me would have done without a single thought, but which I now struggle with, tending to head to the childrenswear department as soon as I get into a shop.

It took a lot longer to get my body back after the second pregnancy, not bouncing back nearly as fast as I had after Dylan but I am finally feeling happier in my skin and back into my pre-baby skinny jeans. I treated myself to some gorgeous skinny jeans and an oversized black jumper, both from ASOS.

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