Monday 10 February 2014

My Funny Little Boy - February

My little dude is getting funnier by the day, and he knows it.  He says things just to get a reaction throughout the day and nobody finds him funnier than himself!  He also comes out with those silly lines that make me smile, even though he has no idea how cute he is being, and here are a few from the last couple of months:

Me: What do you think Father Christmas may bring you for Christmas?
Dylan: I don't know . . .  An Omlette!!!

I have a kiss for you my darling mummy.

Can we go and see Father Christmas?  He lives with Mickey Mouse in the mountains!

Dylan - 'I am going to bring you toys like Father Christmas brings the boys and girls that are good' - followed by him handing out random toys of his to the three of us.

Mummy I have done a stinky poo, do you need to put your top over your face?

Dylan: Can I have a chocolate please Mummy?
Me: Ok Dylan, you can have one. Pick one and I will unwrap it for you
Dylan: Can I have this one please
Me: yes
Dylan: What's it going to be?
Me: It is going to be a chocolate Dylan
Dylan: Maybe
Me: I think it is!
Dylan: Maybe it is
*I open it*

(bearing in mind this is late January)
Me: What are you going to be when you grow up Dylan?
Dylan: An astronaut
Me: And what do you think Archie is going to be?
Dylan: A Santa

I have a little wee wee coming, and a big one . . . and a huuuuge one.  It will be amazing!


  1. haha what a funny little boy! I cant wait until my little one gets to that age x

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  2. This is sooo cute and really funny! Bless Dylan xx

  3. This is such a cute picture Bex! :-)

  4. So cute, and love the photo! Mads calls me darling Mummy too! x


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