Sunday 1 December 2013

Christmas Clubcard Boosts

Christmas is an expensive time of year and I am using every trick I can find to save a few pounds.  We are making our own cards, have wrapping paper from last year's January sales and I have been keeping an eye out all year for bargains as I know how difficult December can be.  I am entering competitions left right and centre and have now discovered that I can put my Tesco points to good use with their new boost scheme.

Clubcard boost is the new exchange system and as well as all the usual tokens, you can also use your hard earned points on Christmas goodies for family and friends.  With such a great toy department, I have the boys already sorted! £5 of points gets you £10 to spend on stocking fillers, main presents and maybe the odd gift to yourself (you did earn it after all!)  Take a look here to see which departments are included and get shopping! You can print your own tokens if you wish to use them instore, so no waiting for the postie when he is already overworked, and if you are using them online then it is even easier!

Christmas wishlist
Our wishlist

The bloke often needs a bit of a helping hand at this time of year, and it is really easy to make a wishlist to give the menfolk a clue as to what you would like santa to bring (a camera tripod if anyone is reading this!) You can share it on twitter and facebook or via email so get wishing!

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  1. Or you could spend those points on your favourite person ;)


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