Monday 9 September 2013

The Very Best Age

I am finding myself falling in love with my two year old all over again.  2 seems to be such a magical age.  Of course it is not always fun or easy and we have our fair share of difficulties, but mostly it is just amazing.

My little man's cheeky personality shines through more and more each day and with his newly acquired language comes the ability to make us laugh more than ever.  He knows he is being funny, cheeky and silly and he loves to get a reaction.  I love the newborn cuddles, the baby days and those first wobbly steps but I am falling in love with the little boy that Dylan is becoming.

two years old, amazing age, two year old boy with pushchair

At 2 his imagination is really developing and he loves nothing more than playing make pretend.  He often goes pretend shopping (always for bananas) and watching him browse the side of the road trying to decide which invisible banana to pick is always amusing.  

In the absense of a doll, he will push Mickey mouse round in a pushchair for hours, stopping to change Mickey's nappy or feed him snacks and meals in the Bumbo.  Mickey mouse often pinches Archie's spot in the pushchair and I am told adamantly that Bubba must go in the sling as Mickey mouse needs to lie down and have a little sleep next to Dylan.

Everytime I leave the living room, I come back to find my beautiful two year old has scrambled up onto the sofa and is giggling away at being in Mummy's chair.  He wants me to crawl up to him and throw him over my shoulder and despite the same thing happening multiple times a day, it is always met with shrieks of excitement.

Dylan loves to sing and recites the entire Twinkle Twinkle Little Star nursery rhyme over and over throughout the day.  He sings the wheels on the bus, See saw, marjery Daw and happy birthday to you, with random shouts of crash thrown in too and will often sing songs to Archie to entertain him (although Archie is less of a fan of the crashes)

two year old, toddler, terrific twos, brothers

At 2, my little dude is learning his mind and what he wants.  He knows what he likes, and he knows how to get it and it is wonderful watching his communication come on.  Odd words together have now turned into full sentences and I am loving being able to have a little conversation with him now.

At 2, I am still his world, his source of information, stimulation and love.  He still needs me as only a small child can, yet he is gaining his independence and becoming his own person too.  

Despite the terrible side, 2 is starting out as a magical year and I know that as he grows, so will his imagination, his vocabulary and his ability to amaze us every single day.


  1. I read so much about the Terrible Twos that it's quite lovely to read something so positive and sweet! W turns 15 months this week and I'm loving the little boy he's becoming. I can't wait for the talking that comes with two. xx

  2. Such a nice post! My son is coming up to two and a half and we're really enjoying this stage! Yes he has his moments of the terrible-twos but for the most part we're all just having so much fun! x

  3. Aw, like Charlotte above, you do only tend to hear about the "terrible twos" so it's really lovely to hear something positive, especially as my little one turns two next month!

  4. I'm afraid I am one of those who goes on about 'terrible twos' from time to time - so lovely to read how good your little man is, and he's so gorgeous! Love his little buggy x

  5. Aww he is gorgeous and I love his imagination - especially when he's shopping for bananas :) My Z would buy "Apools" I think. Its so nice when you're their whole world too. The last pic is just adorable the way he's smiling at his little brother.

  6. I have a son who has just turned 2 and one who is approaching 7 months. My youngest chuckles so much at his older brothers antics. I can't wait until they are old enough to play together.x

  7. soon 3 will be the best when you encounter it. They get cuter

  8. My little girl is 16 months and I love every minute of it, but I cant wait till she approaches this age. My son is 4 and I loved it when he was at the 2 stage also...its so much fun the things they say and do make you smile so much! :)

  9. My little girl is 16 months and I love every minute of it, but I cant wait till she approaches this age. My son is 4 and I loved it when he was at the 2 stage also...its so much fun the things they say and do make you smile so much! :)

  10. Aww what a lovely post, my grandson will be three in ten days time, he's been a lovely two year old too.

  11. Great post! I like the tips mentioned above.


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