Sunday 22 September 2013

Bouncy Bouncy Baby

I have a baby boy who loves to bounce.  Suddenly his little legs are struggling to stay still and he just wants to jump around with a great big grin on his face.  We have been busy testing out a Fisher Price Jumperoo and I am entirely convinced that it is his favourite toy.

The Jumperoo is an entertainment station for small children as well as a workout for their little legs and Archie can't get enough of it.  He loves spinning the wheel (and occassionally trying to nibble it) and Dylan loves to show him how to use the toys too.  What he really loves though is jumping. 

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Ever since we introduced the jumperoo to the little man, he has not been able to stand for long without an urge to bend him leg and bounce on whatever we are holding him on.  Unfortunately his desire to move constantly coupled with my camera phone makes for a complete lack of usable photos of the jumperoo in action though.

The Jumperoo came in several pieces and was relatively easy to put together.  I did find clipping the seat unit on the frame a bit of a struggle but it didn't take too long.  Once made up it is a large toy although it can be folded for storage.  In reality, we use it every single day, usually multiple times so it just stays out.  When Archie is too big for it I know that we will be able to dismantle and pop it in the loft though.

The toy has three play stations within baby's reach and the piano (with the addition of batteries - not included) plays music and lights up.  Archie hasn't yet worked out how to spin himself between them yet but I don't think it will be long before he is spinning in circles.  There are also two toys that dangle and Archie loves reaching for these and desperately trying to eat them!

I am still wondering why we never got one of these with Dylan.  I was eyeing them up from when he was little but put off by the price and space.  After having this opportunity I know I would definitely invest in one for any future children as they are brilliant and provide such entertainment for a baby.  I think they are well worth the money (and you can always sell them on afterwards if you don't have space to keep it).


The Jumperoo is suitable from around 4 months, or when baby can hold their head up well all the way through to 26lb.  Archie fits in perfectly, can stand comfortably and bounce and has plenty of growing space as the unit has 3 seperate height adjustments as baby's legs get longer.  This toy has been tested (by us) and appears to be toddlerproof.  Dylan has not worked out how to climb in and has not managed to sabotage it in any way from the outside which is always a plus!

We are Jumperoo converts well and truly and despite this being a rather bulky toy, I know how much Archie adores it and hearing his little giggle as he pushes off is priceless.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. We never had a Jumparoo, but that looks great.

  2. Good review, A couple of people have recommended a Jumperoo to us actually so it's nice to see one in action, as it were! I think my baby is just getting to the stage where she'd love it, she's sturdy and strong on her legs already so it'd be a godsend to pop her in this and have free hands for some housework! However at the moment we just can't afford one, but i'm keeping an eye out on gumtree for a second hand one!
    Lauren | parenting and lifestyle - Belle du Brighton x

  3. We were given one by my inlaws for Kitty's first Christmas and I'm so glad they did, I might not have bought one myself because they do eat up a good chunk of space but Kitty adored it and now Elma will bounce up and down for ages - it's nice to have somewhere to put her that Kitty can't really reach too if they need to have a little apart time!

  4. My baby loves his jumperoo - best money I ever spent - I can even eat lunch now!! x

  5. I struggled to get the seat in too! Other than that though this is one of the best baby items I've ever owned, so worth giving up my living room floor for!! x

  6. We're getting one of these and I literally cannot wait for my little guy to go in it. I have a feeling he is going to love it!

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