Sunday 8 September 2013

Babes With Babies

One of my favourite things about summer is the beautiful dresses.  I love the bright colours and feeling girly and despite shorts generally being the more practical option with two littles, I still adore a pretty dress.

Babes with Babies do both maternity and nursing clothes and they sent me a beautiful outfit to wear to Britmums Live.  The white dress is perfect for nursing mums as it is long enough to be practical with a pushchair and young child, discreet enough to breastfeed in and is still completely wearable once all the babies are weaned.

I chose this white summer dress as I love how fresh and bright it looked, (and it makes me look more tanned).  It came beautifully packaged and I instantly loved it.  From looking at it, you cannot tell that it is designed as a nursing dress as the catches are discreetly hidden, but the top of the dress comes down and a hidden second layer comes up, meaning everything is very covered when feeding out and about.

This is very important to me as I prefer to keep feeding private and in this weather it feels cruel to try and cover baby's head.  If I wore a non-nursing dress, I would have to pull the whole thing down and feel very exposed, but this dress is perfect for me.

The rest of the dress is floaty and light and perfect for covering that post baby bulge that I just can't shift.  The dress may be white which is not the obvious choice with two small children, but it washes up well and still looks  like new after 2 months of wear!

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This is my favourite summer dress, perfect for breastfeeding and beyond and so easy to style!  At £79.99 I think this Tiggy day dress is more than I would usually spend on a nursing dress but I will definitely be wearing this for summers to come as it is comfortable and the nursing clips are completely hidden

Disclaimer:  I was sent this dress free of charge to wear to Britmums Live, 
all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. I love this dress... always on the lookout for lovely nursing wear. cardigans & vest tops got so dull last time round!

    I know its not totally related but i know you're a big baby wearing fan... Im trying to find a sling/carrier that i can use for nursing to give me some hands free time when my new baby arrives.

    Hope you can help?


  2. Just had a look at their site, they have some lovely things. Its a nightmare trying to find breastfeeding 'friendly' clothes but Babes with Babies have some lovely pieces which solve the problem.x


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