Tuesday 10 September 2013

Cosatto Troop Car Seat Review

At the rate my little man is growing, it won't be long until we need to update his carseat, so when Cosatto offered to send us a Troop, their new group 1,2 and 3 seat, I couldn't resist checking whether it was cosy enough for a 9 month old as well as spacious enough for a 12 year old.

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Cosatto have been one of our favourite baby brands since we first discovered them all those months ago.  Dylan and Archie have quite a selection of Cosatto high buggies, car seats and high chairs and I fall in love with every new collection they bring out.  We have been testing the Troop in the funky pablo design and I have to admit that I love it even more in the flesh.

With a white base and colourful triangular design, this car seat was designed to stand out and we get comments from everyone who spots it.  The seat can easily be attached to the car using the Isofit systembut it is perfect for occasional use too as rather than strapping the carseat in with the seatbelt and then using the 5 point harness, both actions are combined into one with the use of the impact shield.

The impact shield is used for younger passengers and slots into the chair keeping the child incredibly secure.  Some have been sceptical about it as a 5 point harness is the norm, but I have to admit it feels more secure than a traditional carseat and there is no way that sea is going anywhere if it is strapped in properly!  Dylan loves having somewhere to rest his arms and seems very comfortable in there.

For an older child, the impact shield would be removed, and the seat belt used over the seat.  To make the seat usable for an older child, there is an easy handle at the back of the head rest that when pulled up, raises the head rest and broadens the shoulders leaving lots of space.  I haven't tried the seat with an older child yet but I can see that this will last Dylan for many more years!

The seat feels well padded, soft and secure and I would be confident using it for Archie when he progresses from his infant seat in a few months time.  Despite Dylan being an incredibly chilled little man, I can already see that Archie is raring to go and he will be the one climbing up the curtain poles in a few short months.  One of the great features of the Troop is that even a little monkey wouldn't be able to escape the shield, unlike a harness and all the time the impact shield is on, they will not be able to unbuckle their own seat either, which would make me feel a lot safer.  

cosatto troop, group 1,2,3 car seat, cosatto car seat, 9 months to 12 years
On the smallest setting at 23 months

The only real issue I have had with this seat is that it is quite big and I do struggle to get the seatbelt round i sometimes although there has never been an occasion where I couldn't manage it.  The list of pros is pretty impressive though:

-Side impact protection
-washable covers
-2 position seatback recline
-5 headrest positions
-gorgeous design
-works from 9 months all the way to 12 years
-free 4 year guarantee
-easy to use
- works in all cars

I would definitely recommend this seat for ease of use and the practicality of not needing to upgrade every few years as your little one grows.  Although it is quite big, it is this aspect that offers the great fit and extra protection so it is well worth it.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this car seat for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. interesting, there are so many types of seats that it is all quite confusing

  2. We have a Cosatto seat for our grand daughter when we take her out, not as snazzy as this one but its easy to use which is so important as it doesn't stay in the car all the time.

  3. WOW Great review of a groovy looking seat! I love the colours - so much nicer than black or grey!

  4. We have a Cosatto little monster car seat and it has been pretty good so far although the lime green material has got pretty grubby (I need to get it out and clean it ASAP - not looking forward to that!) and the cool pictures and branding have started to rub off!! We have been using it for about 6 months and it looks pretty ropey now. It still works fine though which is the main thing and the little man seems comfy. This one looks a bit better as the material looks like it might be a bit more durable. Still love Cosatto for all their funkiness though :)


  5. Wow all the way to 12 years is brilliant. I like how colourful it and it looks so snug too.

  6. This is really good review, its answered all the questions I had about the Cosatto, so thanks for that, desperately need a new one for my young un! :-) xxx Thanks!

  7. This is really good review, its answered all the questions I had about the Cosatto, so thanks for that, desperately need a new one for my young un! :-) xxx Thanks!

  8. This is really good review, its answered all the questions I had about the Cosatto, so thanks for that, desperately need a new one for my young un! :-) xxx Thanks!

  9. The colours are amazing! Our car seat is so dull and boring in comparison.x

  10. I've not seen this car seat yet thanks for sharing, what a funky design! We will be moving our toddler girl out of hers in coming months and baby will take it over so I need to look at new alternatives for toddler girl will take a look x


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