Monday 30 September 2013

My Funny Little Boy

At 25 months, Dylan is at the age where he can make me laugh every single day.  His language and understanding are constantly improving, but there are still so many toddler-isms and words he can't quite pronounce (anyone for some it-lot? (omlette)).  Inspired by Actually Mummy's Wot so Funee? linky, I wanted to record some of the funny things that have been making me giggle recently.

'Mummy, I'm a pirate, I want Jellyfish and Ice cream'

'I think I might like a tiny little bit more biscuit/cake/snack bar/raisins"/anything that he is currently eating.  One of the most overused phrases at the moment is 'a tiny little bit more', and he always says it with such an earnest face!

Grandma - "You're so clever Dylan"
Dylan - "No grandma, I'm a pickle"

The bloke is trying to teach Dylan about baby animals, but catch him in the wrong (read hyper) mood, and he becomes very insistent,
Daddy - "And what is a baby elephant called Dylan?
Dylan - "erm, a chicken egg"
Daddy - " I think it is a calf"
Dylan - "Erm, no Daddy, I think it is a chicken egg" *nodding very enthusiastically as he says it*

Mummy - "Where shall we go to get some dinner?"
Dylan (giving it some serious thought) - "Australia!" (I think he would be rather hungry by the time we got there!)

Dylan - "what's this, mummy?"
Mummy - "It's a can of soup Dylan"
Dylan - "No Mummy, it's Mr Tumble's spotty bag!"
Mummy - "Is it Mr Tumble's spotty bag?"
Dylan - "NO mummy, it's a can of soup.  You're so silly Mummy!"
repeat this scenario several times a day, with all sorts of random items.

I realise these may be much funnier to me than anyone else, but I want to record some of the nonsense that he comes out with as I am know the silly mis-pronunciations and toddler-isms will be gone all too soon. 

Wot So Funee?


  1. I'm so glad that I've been recording all the toddlerisms, they'll be gone all too quickly. I loved the one about getting his dinner in Australia. x

  2. Talitha loves to say "Just a little bit more" too! So cute!

  3. I like the chicken egg idea :-)

  4. Ah but they're lovely - I just love it when they realise they can make you laugh and mess you around - perfect!

  5. Adorable! We just have 'more' so far from my 18mo, but as it's her favourite word, I'm sure it will expand into a sentence soon :) #wotsofunee

  6. Just brilliant, very funny. It's great when you write the things they say down so you have a record of those amusing times! And hello by the way lovely, sat next to you at the MAD's :)

  7. Ha! I love his little sayings - especially the can of soup one when he turn it round on you in the end - oh they grow so fast so it's nice to get these funny moment down x

  8. Awwww bless him. I like that he knows he is a pickle!


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