Wednesday 13 March 2013

Shnuggle Review

The Shnuggle moses basket is a fantastic product, and one that we have been lucky enough to test with our new addition.  The actual basket is made of plastic so unlike it's wicker counterparts, it can be cleaned and sterilised completely.  It maintains the traditional moses basket look and feel though, and we have had nothing but compliments as it proudly stands in our living room.

The basket is a good size and I am hoping that Archie will fit comfortably in there for quite some time.  The hood stays up on it's own and the classic cream waffle colour means it would be perfect for a little boy or girl.  We have the moses basket on a stand, and it is the perfect height as Dylan can peek at his brother and reach him for a stroke but not reach in far enough to do much else - Archie sleeps safely!

I have found the basket brilliant to carry round the house as the plastic base means it doesn't squeak or make a noise and wake the little man up.  As Dylan is still young enough to not quite understand Archie's limits, I do tend to take Archie with me as I move rooms and the Shnuggle is easy to carry with the handles and silent meaning sleep is not disturbed.  The basket has a carry handle either side.

Archie is a very snuggly baby and is not a fan of being put down at all, but he seems to happy in his Shnuggle  and we have been encouraging him into napping in there more often.  He is taking to it well and we have some teddies in there to keep him company

I am so impressed with the Shnuggle and think it is definitely worth investing in.  We have a family crib that has been passed down through generations and been a bed to many, many babies, but it is now not at it's best and the wicker sides need to be completely covered on the inside to make it safe for a precious little person.  I am hoping that the Shnuggle will take over as being so easily cleaned it would be perfect to use again.

Not only is it functional it is beautiful and I love watching my gorgeous baby sleep so peacefully in there.

Shnuggle are also launching a new baby bath later on this year, which is crowd funded.  This means that you can help contribute to getting the product to market by purchasing one of the baths now ready for the July launch or making a donation in exchange for a limited edition Shnuggle bath mitt.  The product looks fab and I can't wait to see more once it is officially launched!  If you want to find out more and help Shnuggle get their product to market then check out the Shnuggle Blog

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a Shnuggle moses basket for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow, what a great idea! When I came to use my Moses basket for my last child I'd stupidly stored it up high on a shelf without a bag, and it was so covered in dust I just couldn't be confident I could get it clean. This is far more sensible really, and looks just as good :)

    1. It is definitely easier to clean! I am hoping that ours will sleep many more children in x

  2. Love this. I agree with the squeek of wicker and the base does crinkle up when you carry them. This looks like a great solution x

    1. He stays fast asleep when I carry him round the house which is great as he doesn't sleep long enough for my liking! x

  3. Bex the child in the moses basket is this your child. I'm sorry I've not read your post and I can't find another way to contact you but there is a lady on Facebook who has got this picture from Google saying he is her child. Police are being involved.I thought I'd pre warn you. I have a screen shot of what the lady has put and there's multiple other baby photos she's stolen saying she has just given birth to him. If your on Facebook my name is Lauren Glover and my pictures my wedding rings. I can then show you the photos x I'm sorry


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