Thursday 7 February 2013

Special Times

I spent 90% of my week with my son and am priviledged to be watching him grow up into a gorgeous and clever little boy. We do so much together, from toddler groups, meal times, trips out and chores, but some days are just special.  Maybe there are a few more treats, or I am feeling a bit more relaxed, but we definitely have special moments whether they are planned or unplanned.

Every day with him is precious, but it is these special days that I will really miss when there is an extra little person.  I'm sure they will be just as amazing if not more with both of my boys around, but there is something about our mother-son bonding days that I will always treasure.

Some days we take a walk into town, and I have him in the parent facing buggy so we sing all the way down, giggling as we walk. I let him out and we explore the little things together, from jumping in puddles to pointing out every single car we see.   We may go into a little cafe, and share a cake.  I may treat him to some juice, and let him drink it from a big cup with a straw.  It is just the two of us though, and we go off into our own little world where nobody else exists.

Sometimes our special times are at home, and we will crawl around the living room floor together giggling and making silly noises, before collapsing in a heap and having the most perfect cuddles.  

Sometimes our special moments are when we are killing time and we make up our own games and get lost in them.

Every time is different, but every time I am aware that we are sharing something so special, so perfect and that we will never have that particular experience again.  I try my hardest to take in every little bit of his beautiful smile and remember the sound of his laugh.  I take mental pictures of us running along the seafront together or sat in the cafe having a cuddle and a glass of milk.  Most of the time I am too busy enjoying myself to even think about getting my camera out.

Today was one of those days . It started off special - even breakfast felt exciting.  We had things to do and got the train to Canterbury for a day out together.  We sat down and shared one of our favourite dinners in a restaurant together, doing some colouring and playing with our food.  I didn't care if we laughed too loudly or broke the rules as we were happy.  We walked around the town together, playing peekaboo and touching everything.  We splashed through puddles in the park without a care in the world and with Dylan in the pushchair I stomped up and ran down the same hill hundreds of times just to see the look of joy on his face.

We do all of these things often, but for some reason today felt different - special.  Maybe it is knowing that our little family will be a little bigger by the end of this month.  Maybe it was just a good day.  Either way, it was a perfect one.  I really hope that when the new baby arrives, Dylan and I can still have our special times.  That he will still look at me with those bright blue eyes and cheeky grin like no-one else matters.  I hope that Squish and I can have our own special times too, us against the world.

Giving Dylan a little brother is hopefully one of the best things I can give him - someone to play with, teach, fight with and learn from.  I just hope that he still needs me just as much!


  1. Ahhh, that's lovely hun. It's the little things that are the most special. And of course Dylan will still need you when his baby brother comes along, you'll get double the trouble, but double the hugs and special times too. X

    1. Thanks for linking up to See It Snap It Love It hun, definitely a perfect link up choice. X

  2. You have so many exciting times to look forward to but I love hearing about your days just the two of you, it sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you are enjoying the special days while you can xx

  3. Aw! That's made me feel all emotional! I used to have special days with Bunny and I still remember them so fondly. We didn't have other mummy friends when she was little so would go for lovely walks, hang out in the park, feed the swans, etc. Then Bear came and I had lotslots of special times with just her, but I am looking forward to having girly dates with Bunny now she's older. In fact, time to get one in the diary!

  4. Awww he's too cute. I know exactly what you mean about messing around in public. When I take Dexter for a walk I'm always trying to make him laugh by waving at him and going no-handed with the buggy. Other people probably think I'm mad!

  5. Ahhh I know what you mean, I spend nearly all my time with Iyla too and it is so special. Some days are more challenging than others but when we got into town and have lunch together it is so much fun and it is like spending all my time with a lovely little friend :) x

  6. Sometimes when you spend all your time with one person you can take their company for granted. I spend all my time with my toddler but I agree with you that these moments are so special they should be treasured x


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